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Message to Readers

I knowwww, the title is cheesy, but it gave me a good starting point for the theme hehe.
Turns out I’m probably not getting a Booker Prize any time soon, so in the meantime, I’m working on my poetry. I’d love to improve, so really anything will help :D
Thanks for reading!

Villain’s Villanelle

April 5, 2021


You’d think it would be fun, global domination. 
But every step, each grin, each day I find
It’s a honeyed, hungry, lost in ache sensation.  

It started when I caved to the temptation 
A twitch, a thought, a smirking plan outlined.
You’d think that would be that, global domination. 

You’d think that this, this fierce fixation
This urge to purge the world of humankind 
Would leave behind a sweet, honeyed sensation.
(Upon its completion, I’d have nothing less than adulation) 

But no, it’s just a gradual deflation,
Acidity and elation intertwined
Burning spite spiked through my global domination. 

Have you ever felt the flames of deep frustration?
As you feel your masterplan, your world, your mind
Grow lost in ache and hunger for sensation.

And with that goes all my careful calculation
The scheme I dreamed so starkly undermined
You’d think I’d have the world with domination 
Not hunger for this honeyed, warm sensation. 
Tough structure ahah. 
I had fun giving it a go, even if I did have to add a sneaky line to help the flow :D 
Also, I realised not only can you publish free writing, but you can publish free writing to the group! So here it is :) 


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  • Writing4Life

    Ooooh this is amazing!

    5 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    how did i miss all of these...mustve been pretty darn inactive :P

    5 months ago
  • Avril

    Ooh I like this. It's written in a way that's humorous and yet also makes me think. And it has such a nice rhythm and flow to it! I've been wanting to try writing one of these but they look really hard haha.

    5 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: yes hehe
    omg after i said that i was actually thinking of you at a spanish breakfast place with a waitress asking you that. telepathy ;)
    lmao noo. hmm. perhaps i can wait in the shadows and then scare the waitress with my elphaba tier belting skills, as you say, while singing "if you like pina coladaassss", so that we can escape the hotel by climbing over the balcony railing and uh...jumping? no...make sure the restaurant's first story so we can just run haha, and then neither of us gets sent to a european insane asylum ;D
    ohh okay. oh we do that too, i love smoothie mixes haha. is funky a good thing where you live? lol it can either mean something's weird or cool here.
    bUt wHy? waffle makers are fun ahah, but we're not cooking crazy. we don't actually use it that much, but it's pretty cool :D
    i didn't know what vendetta meant so i searched it up and oop-
    "a blood feud in which the family of a murdered person seeks vengeance on the murderer or the murderer's family.
    thankfully there's another definition under about a prolonged bitter quarrel but it got me a bit concerned for a moment heh
    ikr haha. i watched a video once about students and teachers trying to understand each other and the teacher was like, "yeah, i always have students going 'so and so hates me' but i'm like, no, they actually speak very highly of you"
    proof they DO talk about us *shudders*
    and speaking highly of us is nice and all, but it can easily go the other way around...
    exactly! like, poor jon :(
    i speak as if i haven't been "jon" in multiple scenarios heheh. you'd think it'd stop after school but nope :D
    i know this bc my friend's dad is a coach and he told us, but when the coaches were drafting based on our tryout results, one of our past coaches literally laughed when another coach (who was our coach the last season i've played soccer so far, like, last february) picked both of us for his team. and then he said, "good luck with those two." but our new coach ended up being super nice :)
    ahah ikr, and whenever my mom talks to one of my teachers she'll be like, "oh my daughter loves your class, she's learned so much and talks about you all the time, i'm so glad you're her teacher" if i've mentioned that i like the class once.
    hehe yes ;)
    ty ty, have a great day too :D

    5 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: haha i've done that before, except i just copied and deleted the one i accidentally
    posted so no one knew ;)
    thank you! oh, i hope u get to see them soon too :)
    ty, ty :D
    yes. a fantastic tourist indeed. for some reason i thought of a fluent-spanish speaking person talking to you about general stuff and you just going, "mE gUsTa lAs bAnAnAs"
    that'd be interesting lol.
    oh i just realized..."me gusta las bananas" and "if u like pina coladas" rhymes.
    i have a weirdly scattered thought process.
    yeah haha. speaking of waffles, my mom gets these hawaiian sun pancake mixes with exotic flavors and everything, i'm pretty sure they're strawberry guava, lilikoi, banana and chocolate macademia nut, and pineapple coconut. except we have a waffle maker so she makes them as waffles...i've never actually eaten them as pancakes lol, but they're so good. highly recommend :D
    yup. very fun XD
    yeah haha. understanding...that'd be nice. if u remember, a while ago i was talking about that boston trip and the teacher who disliked me bc of it...well, my teacher told this teacher (the person's mom) all about me for some reason, so every time i'd meet up with my friend she'd look at me like i was the worst behaved kid she'd ever seen. even tho she didn't actually know me haha
    thank youuu
    someone sees the evil in him :D
    and tbh, good idea...
    have a great morning when you read this! :)

    5 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Recording is all sorted now and should be accessible (if you wanna listen to me posh british accent that's WeIrdLy LoW....what's with that?!)

    5 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Re: meughahaha slytherins have too much love but also too much evil...teehee. looking forward to our bellie show - loving the change of career path (uni didn't totally appeal anyways haha).
    Thank you for your sweet comment lil sis, I'm glad you have shared your work with the world instead of hiding it on scraps of paper left in drawers! Your talent is too real to be hidden.
    Hope you have had a great day (and thanks again for emailing me about my idiocy with the recording and leaving it inaccessible - don't think I should work in tech)
    Becca <3

    5 months ago
  • useless :)

    oh btw, lulu is a nickname for my dog. the sentence kinda sounds weird without context lol

    5 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: hehe yes
    we might not be able to go again this summer, bc the area around where my grandparents live recently got into lockdown again. i really hope we can, bc that would make it two years that i haven't seen them, and i'd have to wait until next summer and that's too long haha. i'm super glad they got both vaccine parts early tho, their health is the most important thing.
    yeah, i think it was more when i was younger, but still XD
    oh, i'm actually like, a professional. or i was.
    in third grade ;)
    i haven't taken spanish since then...i think my spanish teacher would be disapp-ahem, elated with my knowledge of el espanol now. i mean, i remember so much.
    first we've got "que quiero para el desayuno" what do i want for breakfast (which is weird bc ur sorta asking yourself?)
    next we've got, pollo, which means chicken.
    next we've got hola, como estas, bien, gracias, hoy, manana, buena and mala and all that good stuff.
    and heh. that's all i can think of off the top of my head :D
    iMpReSsIvE, right?
    anywayss, yup. ik haha. they had this really good orange juice, which kinda sounds weird, like, orange juice of all things, but it was so good :D
    oh also, i found out i like chia seeds there. see, i'm veryy healthy. and yeah fizzy drinks are the bestt.
    yEaH. iM sO hEaLtHy.
    ahah that's literally me. oh and i lovee fried rice.
    yesss. and then when u fall u have one of those huge pool floats by the side so u can get on that and jump onto a mini surfboard and (attempt and somewhat fail to) surf around in the pool :D
    i may or may not have done that before...
    ah, yes. siblings. tho i gotta admit sometimes i do bring up past events just for the sake of annoying him, but it's nothing too serious. mostly stuff he'll cringe at.
    oop. that's rough XD. that reminds me of a certain very awkward sixth-seventh grade story of mine including someone going to my school that was not a crush but sorta the same idea but reverse, who's mom was my best friend's teacher so she saw me all the time :D
    that sounds very confusing and unclear but yk, maybe that's for the best bc the details are uhm, pAiNfUl.
    right before this i had been searching for my computer charger forever (okay, maybe five minutes, but still) and after denying he knew where it was five times my brother went, "fine. but only cause you have math." and pulled it out from under his bed...when i asked him why it was there he said "you didn't pet lulu last night before you went to sleep so you needed punishment."
    he has a weird train of thought.
    wow. that is truly a masterpiece.
    ahah thank you tho, have a great day too!

    5 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Re: Yesss we are Jedward (or Bellie hehe)!! I'm excited for this joint comedy show lol.
    Ah see I'm a slytherin.....meughahhahaha. Who would win at quiddich tho?
    Hope you've had a good day lil sis!
    Becca <3

    5 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: ikr, what is it with the lack of culture here? truly underwhelming...
    yeah haha, sometimes when i go to france for the summer and come back i'll say some french term but in english, and forget that it's not spoken here, bc yk, it's for two months so i get habituated lol.
    one time i was at camp (in florida) right after i came back from france, and said like four words in french and the rest in we got a nice little half-english half-french sentence that i didn't realize was incomprehensible to everyone but me until my friend goes, "wAs tHaT sPaNiSh?"
    and she knew i was frenchhhh
    ohh okay lol.
    yes, yes, ofc. i will send u my trivia bee (idk if that actually exists but nOw iT dOeS) trophy after i win with the final question being, "what does the term hoover mean in england?"
    that is totally what will happen :D
    ahah yeah, there were these two teens, i think siblings, and the girl looked at me weirdly a couple of times.
    i wonder why...
    speaking of that, the second day of the trip we were at brunch and this girl literally wouldn't keep staring at me. but not in a nice way. (can staring even be nice?) she seemed so mad lol. every time i came back from the buffet area she was looking at me as if i was gonna come and grab the food off her plate or smth. even my mom noticed, she said something about it on our way out haha. hopefully she didn't hear that.
    the waitress was so niceee tho, she was talking to us for half the time and then pretty much let us do whatever we wanted. except when i climbed on top of the railing for a minute until she was like, "oh no, no, please get down", but i understand why, since there was probably a ten to fifteen foot drop if i fell heheh.
    yup lol. one of my friends and i made plans to live together (keep in mind we were in sixth grade) "in a big mansion with two wings and a zipline connecting them with a pool underneath so if we decided halfway we didn't want to go to the other person's house anymore we could just tAkE a sWiM"
    quite the imagination we had. very logical, too. we also told all this to our soon-to-be science teacher (since she was our teacher in seventh). tbh, i applaud her for getting through that.
    now i've come to the realization that we have fun together, but would probably drive each other crazy after a while if we ever lived together XD
    yeah haha. i used to play a little bit when i was 10 or 11 mainly bc my brother did, and it usually resulted in lots of yelling.
    especially him saying stuff like, "dUdE i wAs dOwN wHy dIdN'T yOu HeLp mE yOu'Re sO dUmB aNd bAd aNd iM nEvEr pLaYiNg aNyThInG wItH yOu eVeR aGaIn iN mY LiFe" right before asking me to play another round five minutes later.
    woah. i officially give you the title of "genius". actually, "evil genius". even better ;)
    i've actually done that before, not with that intent XD, but yk, boredom makes us do random things.
    thank you!
    have a great dayy :D

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: agh i wrote my comment and my computer froze and i didn't copy it so welp. here we go againnn
    y e s :D
    nonono. ur work is amazing tho. i mean, look at this masterpiece ;)
    (i wasn't saying that sarcastically btw haha, in case it sounded like that)
    yup. i'm not sure what a hoover is, but i'm assuming it's someone who eats quickly or something, cause, cOnTeXt cLuEs.
    yeah, lemon tarts are so good. oh i'm not bad, but it's definitely not some hidden talent of mine. i can bake cookies and pies without a recipe and that's about it haha. ooo the lemon tart sounds good!
    ahah we were still on vacation for easter so it was in a hotel room. thankfully ;)
    oh uhm...cough, cough, yeah, not early. if u don't consider 7:30 am early hehe

    ah, yes. sTiLL cUtE
    haha i'm sure she is, just yk, siblings. i definitely come across a whole lot more annoying to my brother than to my friends, cause like, he lives with me and stuff lol
    lmao i lost it at "She gives me lots of sweets yum yum."
    probably something i would say. good, good, keep training her well ;)
    right, heh, a phase. I WISHHH. he's been like this for five years and counting...just alternating between games. there was a time where he actually did like fortnite, thankfully that's over bc it was rough. now it's a mix between minecraft and roblox.
    but alas, ofc, i must cherish this 12 year old sWeEtNeSs, as you say. ooo good ideas, will do :D
    have a great evening!!

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: hehe yup :D
    aw thank you! i'm glad it doesn't seem that way, bc i was struggling XD
    thanks again!! ooo a poetry prompt! hmm. i'd probably be super unhelpful with advice, cause my current process is basically
    1. trying and failing to think of something to write about
    2. looking at a prompt and completely planning out what i'll write but not actually starting it
    3. deciding to free write
    4. taking some random object (for that piece i started with the "snow globe" idea) and building around it to create the rest of my paragraphs
    5. not being content with the end result :D
    hmm but for imagery i basically just do step four, thinking of a certain metaphorical object and then sticking with that kind of theme (hence the whole snow and ice stuff) and just building around it, and forming an idea with it, which was the "trapped inside my mind" kind of thing, and then rearranging the paragraphs if needed, cuz i had to do that to have it make more sense lol.
    rereading that, i'm realizing how unhelpful it sounds...sorry haha
    ohh okay. pretty much the same for us then. oh, cool!
    yess. my mom loves white chocolate tho, so whenever we get box or bag of them it works out. ahah yeah my neighbor actually got us some spiced sponge cake recently and i didn't like it too much. oh i love my grandparent's food too...they're not as big on pastries but that's okay, they have this place called picard not far from them and it actually sells only frozen food but it's literally the besttt. they have these lemon and raspberry tarts and they don't taste like they've been frozen at all, more like something you'd actually make. they're so good :D
    idk what the ramble about food was but...
    oh haha, sounds fun too!
    ah, well, idk about that XD. imagine me (which kind of defeats the point since you can't really do that, but oh well) running over to my brother's basket and grabbing the first thing i saw, then starting to bounce on one of the beds while my brother shrieks "stop it! uR nOt fUnNy! mOm sHe tOoK mY eGg!" while my mom starts yelling at me more playfully than angrily (is that a word?) to stop jumping on the bed and then me going to the balcony and starting to yell, very graciously if i may add, 'if you like pina coladas". it's a song btw lol, except i only know the first two lines ;)
    all in all, it was chaos at it's finest. oh and remember, my brother's twelve XD
    a couple minutes ago he showed me this fortnite song called chug jug with you and welp, it was uh, interesting. not because he plays fortnite, he doesn't like it, but he likes it because in his opinion, the guy who sung it is a "pro gamer".
    then he asked me to "praise" and "bow to" the guy who sung it, and i was like, "no thank you" so he went on a rant about how i wasn't a "pro gamer" and how i should crawl into a hole and perish. sIbLiNg LoVe, am i right?
    i repeat, he's 12 haha. okay ima stop now but have a great day! :D

    6 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Yer a wizard at the questions too lil sis! Good luck with the exams and orchestra romance (any boy would be lucky to have you). Oooh NCS, I didn't do it but friends of mine did - hope u find a nice guy there awh.
    Yes train the lil 'minion' well. Maybe she'll be as good a writer as you one day!
    Lots of love and hope you have had a great day full of potatoes
    Becca <3

    6 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Do you go to Hogwarts too???? Be honest

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: ahah that works too.
    yeah lol. ohh okay. yup, college can get really expensive here. there's student aid and grants/scholarships, but some people still end up with a bunch of student loans and end up having to pay for them afterwards for a veryy long time, which sucks.
    hehe full ride to harvard law would be nice ;)
    oh okay. when do you actually apply for college in england?
    i'm not completely sure, since i can't speak for the other states, but when i was in elementary in new york i don't actually remember what i learned...for elementary in florida, yeah, we pretty much just learned about our own state lol. then when you get to middle school you learn (a bit) about world history and then more about us government and history.
    yup haha. each state has a bunch of universities each, but if you meant the actual "state university", yeah, each state has one of those. for example, in florida it's UF, aka the University of Florida.
    yesss chocolate is amazing hehe. my taste in chocolate has changed a lot tho. when i was younger, i used to ONLY like white, i wouldn't eat dark chocolate at all (now i can only ask myself why) and now i like milk and dark way more, which is good bc they're so much better lol. pls don't take offense if you like white chocolate XD
    oh and my mom was just gonna get us chocolate but me and my brother asked her to spice it up (we didn't actually say that haha) and make us an easter egg hunt, so she did in our hotel room (bc we were on vacation for easter) and she filmed the whole thing so now we have a nIcE video, featuring me complaining midway about my brother finding more than me and diving for his basket and then running away with some chocolate ;)
    have a great day! :D

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    oh and by lattes i mean the non-caffeine kind haha, like tea-lattes, not the ones that are made with espresso and stuff
    that was pretty unnecessary but oh well

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    world >:D
    this is perfect hehe. a glance into the mindset of a villain is such a cool idea, and you carried it out so well! the rhymes were great too!
    re: yeah haha. oh cool! if you ever actually did study abroad, which college would you want it to be at?
    lol noo. idk if you and Parisienne were talking abt smth similar haha but you can't afford to fall delusionally in are u supposed to carry out your plans for global domination if that happens?
    yeah. my mom says when she was a kid/teen that in france they made you study geo and history wayyy more than we do over here, and that we're lenient, or as she put it, lacking, in comparison XD.
    maybe cause i haven't gotten to high school yet, bc it's true that we learn close to nothing about anywhere other than the usa in middle.

    oh, cool lol. yeah, most of our younger classes were about spain's conquest for florida and stuff, then in middle 6th was world history, 7th was civics, and 8th was american history. so basically learning about our own country some more. fUn :D

    true. tho ur lucky u even expanded to europe. like i said, our whole year is based on what they call more "in depth" review of the major events which formed our country, which we just happened to learn back in fifth grade. or something. my teacher is funny, so she makes it bearable, but still.
    hehe i'll count it :D
    when i tell u that's literally my mom XD.
    our equivalent of those are the ivy leagues, and my naive elementary school self made the terrible mistake of telling my mom i wanted to get into one, and that i thought i could.
    i mean, it's always possible...but i normally cast that possibility out of my mind bc it's hard, and here she is every other week talking to me about how i need to do really good on my SAT and college app essays and that my sat score "needs to go up a lot by the next time i take it, bc rEmEmBeR, you're aiming for a close to perfect score".(cause i took the SAT just kinda to see what i'd get as part of a program called in seventh grade haha).
    oh and how it never hurts to prepare early, and how i should definitely apply to as many good schools as i can, bc she thinks the florida college i'm planning to go to if i don't get accepted somewhere out of state is "only passable for undergraduates" and then i need to "go somewhere up north" (her code for an ivy league) for my masters and it's like, agh. i still haven't graduated from middle school...
    i know she just wants me to get the best education possible and everything, so it's not her fault, but sometimes it's overwhelming lol.
    okay, this marks the end of the rant XD.
    yeah haha. my mom is kinda strict on the "lattes are enough" rule bc coffee makes me pretty hyper, and i already am most of the time, so she figures she'd rather not deal with it.
    oh, also, how was your easter?
    have a great day! :D

    6 months ago
  • Parisienne

    YES YOU SHALL OWN THE WORLD. And yh don't lose it for love, love is so not worth it (or mayb this is bcos I haven't had true love yet...oohhhhh....plot twist). How is the orchestra romance going btw??? I call dibs on maid of honour at the wedding.
    I really don't think poet laureate will be on me life achievement list but if it is you will 100% be asked to perform. Can I do a trumpet intro to your comedy show in return?? It'll be loud, jazzy and painful (what more could you want)
    Ah we love the judgy parents. You have raised that kid well - has she got sarcasm going yet??
    Yes pls try it with fishfingers. They are not on chip level but the combination is not far off the pizza mark.
    See you on the other side of exams, may the odds be ever in your favour sis
    Becca <3

    6 months ago
  • Parisienne

    OOOOOH love it!!!!! This is such a great idea, world domination in a poem *evil laughs*
    re: I am SO sorry for taking forever replying lil sis and yes I am BACK! My A levels are coming up next term so I am spending every scrap of spare time on revision instead of this gem of a site :((. IK you have GCSE's too - how's it all going for you?
    Yes thanks haha I had a lovely easter, eating chocolate and cuddling my dog (as u do). How about you? Congrats on your piano exam!!!! Wow my sis will be the next Mozart I can tell :).
    'slightly tainted by the sour tang of another vinegar-based acquaintance.
    “Deliciously zingy,” it calls. Not only that but it advertises itself as both kosher and vegetarian. What rubbish. I don’t trust that sauce as far as I can throw it (which, considering its beige lumpy glory, is not far at all).' This made me GUFFAW on a public bus so about 20 other mask-wearing weirdos turned around to glare at me haha. I am sorry we must disagree on the 'deliciously zingy' sauce (ever had it with fishfingers - gotta say it's very good).
    Anyway we must push aside our differences and unite on the importance of promoting potatoes.
    Made my day seeing you'd commented so thank you! Hope you're having a good day lil sis and eating PLENTY of chocolate <3

    6 months ago