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oh, boy. here you go!
sheep. yep, this is a sestina on sheep.
not really XD
please give feedback and/or review because... this.
sestinas are kinda cool.
poetry has soooo evolved in the last 50+ years.
people are so interesting, i kind of love people in general. i think i'm more extroverted than i originally assumed.

and remember... dare to bother. you never know what people might need or feel if only someone dared to reach out.

Dare to Bother

April 19, 2021

Lonesome eyes watch grazing sheep.
Heavy footsteps creak on floorboards almost rotten.
A weary mind abides by the highlands' code.
Callused hands and a callous heart is the norm in this village, not the exception. 
An aching soul cannot attempt to do more than survive; something with which he cannot bother.
Solitary lips whisper memories that speed past him like a marching band.

Generosity in him stretches tighter, ready to snap back—a rubber band.
Compassion extends only as far as his flocks of sheep.
Noticing beautiful things, good things, is only a bother.
When neighbors pass they whisper, "He's rotten."
What does he care—they're hardly an exception.
Coldness of the heart is ingrained in the villager's code.

Could he step out of line, dare to break the sacred code?
Independence reigns here, but don't they need to stand together as a band
Of allies, even family (the messy tension is not an exception)
Could he believe there is more to life than tending sheep?
Perhaps he could break out of his shell, this rotten
Apple, that gnaws away his humankindness—but why bother?

"Yes, I will dare to bother."
He whispers it—no, he states it firmly—to centuries of unspoken code.
They'll doubt him, but "I will prove I am not rotten."
Visions appear; villagers standing; together, they band.
No longer led by base impulse like sheep.
He dreams, "Solidarity will no longer be an exception."

"And I will not be the village exception,"
No, and "they will dare to bother."
"They will visit me for more than wool and mutton of the finest sheep."
"We will forge a new village code."
"We work in synergy, each playing their own role, their own instrument in the band."
"We purge from our hearts all that is hateful and rotten."

He stands, vigor in every step across creaking floorboards surely rotten.
He prays that kindness will no longer be an exception.
That he might open his heart enough to see her smile as he slides onto her finger the golden band.
And she will welcome him as a friend, a companion, a lover, not a cold-hearted bother.
Devising a language entirely their own across sunrises and tea, whispering their midnight code. 
He'll treasure her to the end of his days, far more than his once-beloved sheep.

"Do we band together through crises?" Yes, we fight all that is pervasive and rotten, all the bitterness that seeps unnoticed into hearts and minds.
"Yet do we follow blindly like the sheep we care for?" No, and we take no exceptions.
"Do we dare to bother with hospitality, with compassion, with love?" Yes, engrave it in a code only our hearts understand.
I used a random word generator, so it came out quite... interesting. 
I think I actually told a story, in the end. 
This took a long time, but I do like the structure of it.


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  • Nyla

    Wow, this story was so awesome I loved it! It flowed so well and didn’t sound repetitive at all! And the ending with the dialogue was so cool. Haha, my sestina was not this amazing!

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    this is AMAZING! you did such an amazing job!!
    "Generosity in him stretches tighter, ready to snap back—a rubber band."
    wow. that is perfect haha

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    chapter 34 is out for T&R
    (chpt 33 was published also but i forgot to notify--link is in the footnotes of 34)

    5 months ago