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est. 26 Oct 2020

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Yes, I wrote a seven-verse poem about spirals, enjoy!

P.S. - This is inspired by the sestina itself. Evidently, the end words of the sestina rotate in the pattern of a spiral. I thought it was kinda cool and wrote this. If anyone is interested, I linked a wikipedia diagram in the footnotes, which shows the sestina spiral structure.

Hope you have an awesome day/night! <3


April 3, 2021

It began at the beginning in the middle of things; 
at the center of the galaxy, in the middle
of a lollipop, at a mall parking lot: a spiral,
going up, coming down, round and round 
around a silent axis, standing statue still,
where the world condensed before bursting out.

From a dot so minute, it grew out,
left bigger things for much smaller things,
curved the color of your eyes into helical strands; still
unsatisfied, searching for a nucleus, another middle,
another core, another axis, to wind 'round,
promise another straight line and draw another spiral.

It wrote itself in poems and stories in spiral
-bound notebooks of kisses and dreams and out
-of-place feelings and untamed curls tangled round
faces; growing up and not knowing things,
and bowls of spiral pasta in the middle
of the night when the city lights are still.

It bloomed flowers with divine proportion, still
nights giving way to rosy buds, blossoming golden-spiral
petals soft under the sun, whirling out from the middle;
then it dived into oceans and waters, mapping out
the path how the water drained the sink, left things
in hurricanes and whirlpools, spinning round and round.

It danced into sunsets, twirling in pirouettes round
the corner, where the snails with their curled shells still
made their way past the tendrils holding onto things;
and it frightened a million millipedes into a fearful spiral,
ran down the Loretto's twisting stairs and made out
with the yellow sunflowers, drawing circles in their middle.

It ate coffee swirls and swiss rolls for tea in the middle
of January, when the weather outside brought round
after round of harsh and bitter winds that left out
triangles for circles, left beelines for detours, still
swirling the brushstrokes of The Starry Night into spiral
clouds; even now, coiling another hundred things.

At last, it went out, with an artist, got lost in the middle
of life, felt things so roundly till the world spun 'round
a still thought and died in a poem, set in a spiral.



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  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Thank you so much! I kinda doubted if it was good cause I'm not too good at poems lol. Thank you! I love those lines, and I'm glad the depth wasn't just taking up word space :) And np! I totally forgot, I also have physical school and benchmarks are starting to come so I've been a bit stressed. When I said I would review I was going thru a bit of a rough time but I will do so soon for sure! :) Thank you for the kind thoughts! I will review by tmrw tho! :) And how are you, I've missed you on here! :)

    5 months ago
  • Zirong

    "...that left out/triangles for circles, left beelines for detours, still/swirling the/brushstrokes of The Starry Night into spiral/clouds; even now, coiling another hundred things."

    Wow. This piece is beyond clever. I'm in awe.

    re: awww love u so much! Looking forward to your reply <333

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Wow. As Anne said how you made it into such a stunning piece is amazing! Also, side note, I haven't done many peer reviews on my time on here, and this is amazing already but would you want a review for it? ik some people just check that option to want a review every time so I just want to check with you :)

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    writing a poem about the pattern of the actual type of poem is such a cool and unique idea...and you also managed to make it beautiful ;)
    great job!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    The fact that you took a shape and formed it into such an incredible piece is so impressive

    6 months ago