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The Wrath of the Gods

April 5, 2021

The birds laze around late afternoon
And the clouds disappear, if only you would look
You would see nothing but blue sky
From last nights rain, the ground is wet
The gods show their wrath
And prove that we are always wrong

There is no shame in being wrong
But once, after that you must be right, and this afternoon
Was the second time god showed us her wrath
And now we can't look
Up at the sky, the ground is wet
Again, grey clouds cover the sky

The birds no longer fly in the sky
They also thing that would be wrong
Instead they hide, afraid of getting wet
In this unusually rainy afternoon
And if you lift your head and look
You would see gods relentless wrath

I don't like witnessing the gods wrath
It messes up the blue sky
And there is nowhere to look,
For everywhere is rain, which means we are wrong
And what was once a bright afternoon
Has been reduced to lands which are wet

And amongst the universe, now hot and wet
We understand what it means to face gods wrath
When the sunny day turns into a rainy afternoon
And we can no longer see the sky
We will realise we're wrong
All that is needed is a look

All that we needed is a look
A glance into why the Earth is wet
On where we seemed to go wrong
How we deserve gods wrath
Why is it that when we look at the sky
It is dark, when it should be a bright afternoon

We shan't go wrong, we shall stop and look
In this afternoon, the ground muddy and wet
We will remember the wrath, and hope for clear skies
Words: afternoon; look; sky; wet; wrath; wrong

This took such a long time to write, yet I still feel like it's word vomit. Any suggestions?


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  • Nyla

    No, this is not word vomit at all. I'm so glad you ended up doing a Sestina, this is so beautiful! I mean, I'm kind of speechless to be honest.
    RE: Thank you!
    Of course! And aww thank you! You’re so sweet and have definitely encouraged me, I’m playing around with a few different pieces and will hopefully post something new soon :)

    6 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Woah! This is really lovely! You have an interesting selection of words; especially 'wrath' and 'wrong'. And tell me about it! It took me so long to write mine as well, and it was utterly exhausting, but I did enjoy writing it. And no, this is not word vomit, this is a beautiful sestina!
    "There is no shame in being wrong
    But once, after that you must be right, and this afternoon
    Was the second time god showed us her wrath" - I especially love this line.
    Re: Thank you so much for your like on my piece! I just had to republish it because of a typo *facepalms*, so I wouldn't have seen if you left a comment. Just letting you know, incase you wonder why I didn't even reply to your comment. Either way, thank you! <3

    6 months ago