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Hey everyone! Lol this sounds formal, but I kind of wanted to sit in a random place and see what would come. I ended up sitting in a dark room in my house, and it was eerie but I got used to it.
Come talk to me, if you need to! About literally anything XD!

The Fate of the World

March 28, 2021


She stood on the edge of the cliff.
there was a vast unknown.
Yet to be discovered.
What might lie there?
Will she ever come back?

We may never know.

Fear captures her heart.
She has to do this.
The fate of the world is upon her.
She must do as she is told,
because she needs to get down to the bottom of what happened the night her mother left home.

Her fate.
It may be good,
or it may end up in...
unspeakable things.
Things she's never imagined happening. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. 
Whatever lies there,
once she jumps off the cliff,
could be either bad or good; and she has to find out. 
I'm literally sitting in a dark room. Firstly, I wrote this off the top of my head. Secondly, god knows what this is and where this came from. :p.


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  • Starlitskies

    Wow! I have chills! The storyline is amazing, and your writing conveys the emotions of the protagonist really well. As for the footnotes, I guess dark rooms do stem dark thoughts, haha.
    Re: Thank you for your comment on my piece!

    6 months ago