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Yall that title references Glee (we love Britney). Also touches on how cheesy this piece is. Seriously, if you are lactose intolerant, you may want to consider looking away. Thou hast been warned :D

Tea (and fondue?) for Two

March 28, 2021

It doesn’t seem an appropriate time for tea, but appearance is everything, as Mother used to say. I smile as the cup shivers against the saucer like shuddering teeth. The fine bone china had led me to chameshi and cherry blossom in Naro, along the seeping indigo houses of Jodhpur. I drank peppermint in Zagreb and elderberry in Reykjavík, and bought red striped oven gloves in New Jersey because the handle had cracked on the plane. I made my way to Santa Clara, where I scoured the aisles for a black tea — elusive, apparently. And then I found the cafe. 

I’m early — all for the impression. I should’ve brought a tea cosy, but it’s too late for notions like that now. My watch twirls an impressively steady thump, tick, tick, still set on British time so I always know when to pour a brew. Thump, tick, tick. Thump, tick, tick. 

The bell on the door chimes behind me, and a jarring silence wrestles with the loud chatter outside. Months of tracking, ticks and steaming tea, until, finally, now. Thump, tick, tick. My watch chimes three o clock, and I take a gulp of Lady Grey. He’s here. 

Ach this is a little cheesy, but I didn’t want to miss out and not post anything ahsjsj. 
okay when I say “a little” I mean fondue with extra Parmesan. Publishing now because if I don’t, then I’ll put it off. 

Sidenote: just opened the fridge, and suddenly there’s *saLaD cReaM?* my parents have officially gone insane.


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  • useless :)

    re: thanks! yeah :D
    i'm pretty sure it's the same concept but maybe taught a little differently depending on the area.
    ohh okay. the IB course sequence is on their website so i got to look at it, and basically your core classes are a bit different than normal ones, since they're chosen by IB, so for example, instead of normal ninth grade ELA we have these things called AICE classes, which are still ELA but different i guess?
    waittt. i just searched it up and it stands for Advanced International Cambridge Examinations and it says it's based on the British pre-college curriculum and A level exams haha. cOiNcIdEnCe.
    then we have foreign language, individuals & societies, experimental science, mathematics, our elective, and then something called elective & core, which during your last two years is theory of knowledge. i think that's a part of the final IB certificate or smth.
    in those categories we have more individualized things, like for my first year math is pre calc, science is biology, and individual sciences is gonna be ap human geo. and then for electives you get to choose, although they don't give you your choices until sometime in april when you have to fill out a course selection sheet.
    oh and very random but PE is excused with IB hehe
    i do like PE but i can always do sports on the side and not have it take up one of my elective spaces.
    yeah, she's the type of person to express how she feels sort of immediately and then be okay afterwards, so i think it'll be fine.
    oh that's good. geography classes are pretty much non existent in middle school haha, like the closest we got to learning about the world was world history in sixth grade, then we learned about america for the rest. gO fIgUrE.
    but geo is part of the IB curriculum so im gonna have to take that.
    ahh i hated dance when i took it in sixth lol. i was so uncomfortable during the preformances...the choreography and costumes were a nightmare. just the class too tho. we had "superlatives" at the end of the yr, completely for fun, which you'll be able to tell by what they were. "most likely to skip class", "class clown", "most likely to forget their dance at a performance,"...stuff like that.
    mine- "most likely to read during class."
    i mean, it wasn't wrong. i'll take it. hehe okay i'll stop talking now, have a great day!

    6 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    Re: Oh really? Oh no, you really ARE a potato!
    Sorry bout that weird question.

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: HAHAH loll, sorry for ruining flies for you!!
    A) wdym? I meant the British accent as a huuuuge plus- or are you trying to say that it’s just the normal and nothing special when everyone has it? Cause if so, I can get that
    B) haha awww, but at least you don’t have to deal with the dumb boys! And haha! There’s tons of both gender colleges in both the US and Britain!
    Aww thank you and HAHAHA, lolll! Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever have seen a builder with low pants HAHA- lucky me I suppose
    And aww thank you! I hope you have a good morning and awww nice!! HAHA, I’m on my Easter Weekend as well so I’m going to sleep a ton now as well!! Sweet dreams!! :))

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    holaa. so, update. ik, unasked for, but ima update you anyway ;)
    so...i got picked for my second choice. i'll be doing IB at the school i've talked to you less about, bc it's the one i didn't want to go to lol. i was a bit (okay, more than a bit) disappointed at first, but there's nothing i can do about it. at least i got picked for one, since otherwise i'd be going to my home school without a choice program. i mean, i could technically still go to my first choice since i'm waitlisted, but it's probably a rlly low chance, and if you want to be considered for that they make you decline your seat in your second choice. my mom tho, she was MAD, not at me lol, but just bc she thinks "i deserve better" which is a bit entitled-sounding since it's based on luck, but i don't think she meant other people don't deserve better, she just doesn't like the school. clearly, because she started pointing out how people are "uneducated" and not "academically oriented" there and "tHaNk gOd i got into the IB program because otherwise might as well stay home".
    i really don't think that was necessary :/
    the thing is, another mom who was happy since her kid got into suncoast last year told my mom the lottery was "a lie", so my mom thought that since i was doing good and stuff that i'd go for sure. like, she didn't consider me not going at all. i think that's why she reacted the way she did.
    on the bright side, two of my friends are also doing IB there and then another one is doing finance there. the rest are going to my home school, which is sad but i can still hang out with them and stuff. and yk, i can always make the most out of going to that school.
    anyway, yeah, sorry for this lol. i hope u have an amazing day tho :D

    6 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    Thank you sooo much for you review! You uncovered many things that I otherwise would have been left unnoticed. Yes, i don't like how it says 'the girls' so much, but i couldnt think of anything else. Mabye someday i will think of the perfect substitute. Are you a potato?

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: De rien mon cherrr :) Oh yes, mutual agreement to that too. Thanks haha

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Aah I love this! I don't think its cheesy at all! (Not just for the fact that you didn't mention fondue) Re: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww tysmmm! I wasn't gonna do it, but then I thought, might as well! AND IT TOOK FOREVER! But I'm happy enough with the end result. Aweeee you also are TRES talented! D:

    6 months ago
  • Avril

    Re: oh no that does sound horrifying. Mayonnaise is weird enough on its own. And "deliciously zingy"?! *shudder*

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: indeed.
    luckyy. the only teachers who've let me work outside since elementary were my middle school science teachers, but only sometimes. i love working outside tho, as long as you're able to find shade or something, because the weather is ugh. i keep on bringing that up but i get literal hEaTsTrOkEs (maybe a bit dramatic but i've gotten them before, and i'm pretty sensitive to it in general, which is why playing soccer in the middle of the day sucked occasionally, but off topic lol). and then my mom asks me why i don't like going outside when she's at work. it's cause it sucks XD
    ye i think everyones' notification box is being a little weird haha

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: ikr. i remember a couple elementary school field trips where i forgot to bring lunch from home, and the options were an uncrustables pb&j or a "cheese sandwich" where the cheese bore a large resemblance to some type of stretchy plastic. like, why XD.
    yeah lol. ohh okay. meanwhile i'm wishing for cold weather haha.
    gUeSs yOu wAnT wHaT yA cAn'T hAvE
    it's true tho lol. when i lived in nyc, all i ever wanted was to have a birthday party at the beach, except it was a bit complicated because you had to take a ferry to get there. now i just want snow and colder weather.

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: y e s
    oh we (used to bc of covid) have professional dress days at our school with my finance program, so basically once a month you have to wear a business blouse and slacks with dress shoes and a blazer. i feel so bad lol...i guess it isn't as bad in england because it isn't a literal microwave outside, but i have slowly built an intense hatred for blazers for the sole reason that they made you wear them all day in sometimes 90 degree weather. like-
    and you had to wear them regularly?!
    i always end up ranting about something i either strongly dislike or strongly like in these, but nexttt
    ikr lol. hOw? i mean, opinions, but mayonnaise makes me nauseous haha. peanut butter, though. *shudders*
    that takes the title of possibly the worst condiment ever invented. lol pls don't hate me for that cause ik it's a very unpopular opinion. ketchup is good tho :D
    hope you have a great morning when you read this! :)

    6 months ago
  • Avril

    I love the character development and the imagery in this! The way you write is so sophisticated - "the cup shivers against the saucer like shuddering teeth" - that is absolutely perfect! I never would have thought of that.
    Also omg what the heck is salad cream...

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Haha tsk tsk tsk, they are much too salty for me! I can handle them if they’re inside something else with a stronger taste! But mmm I love feta as well!! And aww thank you! You too :))

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: uHm
    wHaT's wRoNg wItH pUbLix, hMmM?
    ohh okay. lmaoo. bunch bunch lunch. i think you losing it has made me lose it as well.
    yes, indeed.
    oh, cool. although your "non dress code" rules are stricter than our dress code rules XD. we're allowed to wear hoodies and jeans at school. last year they sort of gave up midway through the year...they supposedly don't allow white jeans or ripped jeans, but there some people were waltzing into school with ripped, white jeans and nobody cared. but yeah, it's nice you can choose what you wear.
    also, this is so creative! like parisienne said, describing places through tea was really cool. and i loved the imagery you used! not cheesy :D
    i probably should try one of these, but my inspiration is at an all time low. is it an all time low if it's been going on for three weeks tho? idk lol
    oh and salad just no. AbSoLuTeLy nOt. it just tastes like mayonnaise but less oily and more vinegar-y, and i hate mayonnaise. "vingegar-y"...idk how else to say that XD. excuse the rant lel. have a good day :D

    6 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Of course you wrote about tea...of course you did you absolute legend. Love the idea of showing multiple locations through a beverage - this is a gorgeous piece!!
    Hope you have a great week lil sis
    Becca <3
    (also salad cream is amazing - pls don't hate me)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    "I smile as the cup shivers against the saucer like shuddering teeth. " GREAT imagery!!
    And omg the ending, wait, I have to know more! This was so great- how was it cheesy??
    RE: Hahaha! OK, that is pretty solid reasoning! HAHAH salt is honestly the best thing ever- I don’t know how people in medieval times survived without it! HAHA, I can agree with you on two of those! Mushrooms are just bleh, aubergine (had to search that one up, we call them eggplants) are ew, and ooh, let me add olives into that mix because they are just far too salty!

    6 months ago