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Hahaha, don't judge! I tried to rhyme!

A home wounds you and throws you in the breeze

March 28, 2021

Imagine if the place you'd always loved that had always reciprocated the feeling suddenly turned upside down;
That smile gracing you with your first love,
Became a frown condemning you to a storm.

Growing up in Farrel
everything was always moving
the people
the pets
the cars
and the buildings
even the mean old lady on the corner whose mouth was permanently disproving.

And one of those days
you met your surgeon
well not literally,
the word: another version.

He stole your heart
switched it with his own
You met on Kirk street
he was wearing fancy cologne.

Of course, he wasn't a surgeon
but rather an art curator
soon to be yours for
you met him again later.

Oh, that day the sun was shining
the air buzzed with harmony
your steps were light and airy
salty chips tasted like honey.

the streets were wide and open
forest green and lively
the night was full of light because
oh, the stars shone so brightly.

You laughed and danced
in the gallery
drank tea and coffee
with his salary.

In the little cafe
on Sickamore street
his light banter made
your heart complete.

How convenient it is
that it was called
Sick-amore as that is
the reason you just bawled.

At your doctor's office on Carter street,
you shed your first tear,
little did you know back then,
you would return within the year.

With a stern face Dr. Allis
put a timer on your love
and now every time you want to
see your one, you look up above.

Your artist beat it the first time
until it beat him the second
when sick came amore
even though you never beckoned.

the roads closed in
the night was dark
there was litter and dog poop
covering the park.

Now you walk the gallery halls
feet barely raise off the floor in solitude
drinking cold coffee and tea alone
cause fate bullied you, how rude.

Your once moving home
has stopped, it's dead
A cheetah became a snail
This town, you now dread.


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  • barelybear

    Re: haha thanks :D
    Yeah Mary Berry is the best, especially if you want a proper classic Victoria sponge :D
    but excuse me you did what?! Agh foil in the microwave oh dearryyy...
    Okay so basically you choose 3 or 4 eggs, depending on how much cake you want.
    - weigh eggs (with shells)
    - weigh same amount of butter
    - weigh same amount of sugar and beat with butter
    - slowly add in eggs
    - weigh same amount of flour as eggs
    - slowly sieve and fold flour, as little stirring as possible
    - bake
    - cream and jam (I prefer both, but classically it’s just jam)
    - nom nom nom :)
    So recipes are good, but not quite tailored to your eggs ahah.

    Ahhh what a storylineee! I felt so sad, and you really handled the reveal so well! That subtle ironic hint as the plot twisted and began to unravel ahhh wow :D
    Have a great morning when you read this haha

    6 months ago
  • McK13

    Ooh, I really like this! You do such a great job of making your pieces relatable and I love the fun rhyming pattern! Re: Of course! Phew, I was so busy even though I was literally in my house for most of the weekend :) Same here, whenever you write back, I will always reply! We actually didn't have cake since he didn't want it so we made brownies (lots of them, yum!) and got some fun sugar cookies, decorated like basketballs lol. Though, my favorite cake is probably a "Smore's" cake which is a chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting and crumbled graham crackers on top! I've only had it once but it was amazing :) What's your favorite cake? Well, okay, maybe but I wasn't always that good at basketball since I use to travel every time I got the ball lol. Ohhh that makes sense, it isn't really an international sport which is probably for the best since it can be sooooo dangerous!! That's so smart! I wish I was like that but no, whenever I get even the slightest bit scared, I immediately give up trying! Yeah, I feel like little kids are super brave and risky with things but as we grow up, it's like we only focus on what the worst scenario would be! Yesss, lavender is so pretty and ooh mint green is really cool too!

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: heh thanks :D
    Ooh so mushrooms are definitely yuck. I love that you had to search up aubergine haha. Hmm olives. Welllll I used to really hate them, but one time we were at a pizza place for my brother’s birthday, and there was this pot of olives, and everyone was like man you’re missing out. So I tried one, and it was glorious. Fruity slaty heaven with a stone. And I love feta too.

    Ngl you got nervous about the rhyme but you killed it with that cologne one :D what a great storyline too, and I love the surgeon image!
    Have a good night :)

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    Ok, time for another round of the Peer Review club! I know, it hasn't been two weeks, but I have gotten so many new recruits I figured I should do a new round with the new members and then we can start on a somewhat normal schedule with this. :) So, please visit this piece: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/225472/version/475763 and leave a comment including between 1-3 pieces to be reviewed! If you don't have any to be reviewed, please let me know still so I can make sure everyone saw this. I will compile a list of all the new assignments for reviews, and leave you another comment with the link to that post. Thank you in advance! And as always, happy reviewing! XD

    6 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: aww, thank you so much! :)
    Ah, okay cool! Ooh, I don’t know why o didn’t realize you live in Canada when I was talking to you.... that’s so cool! What’s it like (lol, that’ll probably sound stupid, because it’s probably pretty similar to the US, but I live in KY and have never been there so I was just curious).
    Ahh, neat! So mine is probably writing (heheh) and Bible study. I like history too, but math.... not so much.
    Aw, no prob! I totally get it! :) I’m just happy to talk whenever you have the chance! :)

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    (hey this is great! Really good job rhyming!) re: haha thanks! Aww thanks! Oh haha that's totally fine :P I like having a unique name :D Oooh your name means winner! I like that :D

    6 months ago