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Say hello to Amy Lou! I've been working with her for a while now, but this is her first time here on WtW. She'll probably make more appearances in future pieces, but then again, no promises, she might leave as suddenly as she came.
Hope you have an awesome day/night! <3

Leaving Haling

March 28, 2021

Amy Lou chewed the paper rim of her coffee cup. She was sitting cross-legged on the white sands of Haling beach, watching the sun go down on a cold Friday evening. It seemed proper to spend her last night in town, soaking herself in a sunset. She had always dreamt of leaving Haling. She couldn't remember exactly when it happened, but the loud tourists and busy buildings wore her down, and the town lost its magic.

She knew everything that was Haling was part of her: the brightly-colored buildings; the white sandy beaches; the cobblestone paths filled with tourists dressed in flashy clothes and hats so wide-brimmed they could hold the sun; the graffiti wall behind the library where wildflowers grew out of the cracks in the bricks; the run-down park where she punched Timothy Moss for making fun of her curls; the starriest nights; the mystical caves of Haling that smelled of old rain and wild mushrooms; the rock pools filled with crustaceans boasting brilliant colors, where she had spent all her evenings as pirate Anne Bonny, sailing the seas with Jack Calico—a forgiven Timothy Moss with a crooked nose; and finally, pouring drinks at the bar of the Sandy Rose until the mason jars filled with enough cash to escape Haling.

It was true that she wanted this, but now with her dream so palpable—the air ticket in her bedroom dresser and the packed yellow suitcase standing by the door at home— she felt the slightest drawback, the slightest trepidation. Even the waves seemed to hold their breath.



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  • Zirong

    OMG I can't wait to read more!!! Every word of this works perfectly well. My twin sis is soooooooo talented! <3

    re: ooo so happy to see notifications from you too! ^u^ YAYYY I highly recommend Before Sunrise! It is actually one of the Before trilogy, together with Before Sunset and Before Midnight! They are sooooo good that I've watched the trilogy twice!
    Ah I can't imagine staying home for six months! It's indeed a fairly long time and re-adjusting to the school mode may take a while :D When I went back to school from a two-month lockdown last year, I also felt anxious and excited at the same time! I believe you'll be used to school again soon, and wish you an amazing term ahead! :3

    *sending countless hugs*

    6 months ago
  • astrea

    this is really good!

    6 months ago
  • astrea

    re: yeah, we could definitely use a code that tells us what is wrong and what is right, only, it would be someone else 's opinion. :(

    i think that there are somethings that we naturally know is wrong, like killing someone and things that are good such as helping the needy. i think its the minor and small actions that make us contemplate this, at least that is my opinion : )

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Thank you!!! And omg, yeah I understand it’s not okay :/ That’s a good idea that I should try to do, and I didn’t even know about Rainey’s experience! I should really keep up on everything...anyways I’ve seen the comment now. I’m sorry you had a scary experience and I was surfing all day so that’s why I didn’t respond sooner :) Your comments mean a lot though :)

    6 months ago
  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    oooohhh i have fallen in love with Haling, even tho amy lou wants to leave it. you've got a very comfortable, rhythmic writing style, the kind that makes me want to keep reading but also make me feel cozy and at home. also your message board is just *chef's kiss*

    6 months ago
  • •TheVictoriousOne•

    oooo this is really good!

    6 months ago