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I am
"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light."
Albus Dumbledore

Message to Readers

This kind of took a different turn than I was expecting it too so....tell me what you think! :) I don't know if it sounds too cliche or not, so feedback is always appreciated!

i am what i grow to be

January 1, 2019

PROMPT: Flash Back


GROUP: True Stories

    Ten years ago, I was anything I wanted to be. I was a princess, a damsel in distress, an adventurer in Honey Acre Woods helping Pooh Bear find his way to the honey trees.
    Ten years ago, I didn't care what I was wearing as long as it had a bit of pink on it, and it was hard to find me wearing matching socks.
    Ten years ago, my little brother was born, and it was as if my days of playing house with my Barbie dolls became reality. Finally I had a playmate to rescue me from my hidden tower, a knight on which I had to bestow upon a mission. 
    Ten years ago, I was a tiny little three year old who loved life and everything in it.
    A lot has changed since then.
    Today, I'm not very good at pretending anymore. My face is full of reality, and it's hard to step out. But sometimes, I wish I could just step back and pretend, and go into a daydream, a world of my own. 
    Today, I still love pink. It is definitely one of my favorite colors, but I care a little more about what I wear, maybe a little too much. However, matching socks are still hard to come by, so that hasn't changed.
    Today, my little brother isn't so little anymore, and well...he doesn't rescue me from my hidden tower, nor do I bestow upon him a knightly mission. But, I'd like to say that we're still close. Yeah, he definitely gets on my nerves once in a while, a lot actually, but he's still my little brother, and...y'know...I love him.
    Today, I'm still tiny, vertically challenged some could say, but I'm thirteen now. Almost fourteen I might add. But I still love life and everything in it. That hasn't changed. And I know, I hope, that ten years from now, that will stay the same. I know that ten years from now, I might like different things, eat different foods, do different activities, but I know that inside, that tiny three year old, that vertically challenged thirteen year old, will be inside of me. I am what I grow to be. When I'm twenty-three(holy crud that's a crazy thought), fragments of my prior years will still lie deep inside. Those fragments will be what make me, well, me. Things will change, that's for sure, but those changes will just create the person I will become.
    But whatever happens, whatever I grow to be, I'm still going to love life. I'm still going to love life and everything in it.
    That won't change.


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