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Lil Lea

United States

•Florida girl, born and raised
•my age? Guess.
• dreaming of LA
•Not so savage after all
• "… And at once I knew I was not magnificent" -Bon Iver


December 28, 2018

PROMPT: Catalyst


GROUP: True Stories

     It's the magazine articles, blog posts, or journal entries that really have an effect on me. There's nothing in my opinion that inspires me to write like hearing someone else talk about their own memories, wether they are happy or sad. Whenever I read literature that someone had shared about their own life, it really strikes a chord within me. Anyone canwrite about their memories and it reminds me that I can write about anything. It's a small whisper in my ear that writing can be anything, not just the strict interpretation implemented in school. Whenever I get inspired I start to feel excited and fidgety, because I know that once the fire inside me is started I just have to let it burn out. Alas, I recommend reading personal stories to anyone who feels halfhearted in writing because they always have lifted me right back up. 


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