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"Today's air quality is mauve and speckled."
"Time is weird. So is space. I hope ours match again someday."
-Welcome to Night Vale

Message to Readers

This is my first time writing for this group. I don't know if this really ~fits~ the prompt. But I tried and that's what matter!. I'l learn how to perfect my style with some more experience. Tell me what you think in the comments or leave me a peer review because those are forever and always appreciated. Thank you!
~Julius Caesar

Once Upon Some Ten Years Ago

December 21, 2018

PROMPT: Flash Back


GROUP: True Stories

ten years ago.... 
i was carefree
i was happy
i was innocent

ten years ago...
it didn't matter what i did or didn't do
it didn't matter what grades i brought home
it didn't matter who was my friend and who wasn't
because back then, there weren't standards.
grades came from colouring sheets and
everyone was friends with one another.

ten years ago...
i was healthy- mentally and physically.
i never beat myself up over small things.
i didn't hate myself for no reason.
i didn't have a self esteem that was
lower than hell is compared to heaven.
i didn't have seizures
i didn't have anxiety falling asleep because of seizures.
i wasn't stressed and panicked that
something would happen to me
that i would black out randomly for no reason

ten years ago...
i didn't know what the world was really like
to me, everyone was happy
everyone was satisfied with their life.
people were people.
people wouldn't hurt me
and i wouldn't hurt people.

ten years ago...
I was h a p p y 
i was c a r e f r e e
i was i n n o c e n t


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  • janice

    Contest winners are up!

    12 months ago
  • Quille

    This is a really cool take on the prompt! - coming from a person who never writes pieces that 'fit' the prompt :DD

    12 months ago