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December 17, 2018

PROMPT: Catalyst


GROUP: True Stories

Great authors
  Great poets
     Oh how they astound me.


Your written works I hold dear
 With mere tremblings of words
  Fine to hear.
   Yes, sheer splendor
     Comes from your quill
      That drips its ink
       Like that of a tear.

Your novels, your writings;
 Oh so grand.
  All that work
   From such an eloquent hand.
    That stand out like
     A marching band
      In your own society.

Your wit and creativity
 never surpressed.
  Getting off your chest
   The things your writings
     About society, about status.
      Readers never leave unimpressed.

Your writings
  Inspire awe.
   They are raw, they are true.
    I obey your law
     And store the hope
      For there to be more
       To life
        Than this bore. 

Great authors
  Great poets
     Oh how they astound me.
*William Shakespeare
*Charles Dickens
*Jane Austen


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