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February 16, 2016

PROMPT: Lens Change


GROUP: True Stories

The day she didn't want to forget was the day her friends actually listened to her. They looked at her with love. They gave her the attention she had needed for years. On that day, the sun shone on everything and the world glowed with an angelic flourish that didn't appear to fade until her friends left. When her friends were gone, the sun was taken away, and suddenly she remembered that this was not Heaven. This was actually just a dulled version of Hell. 


Kani stared out the minuscule window, hope was lost to her. Her fingers twitched with anticipation. She glanced down at the black watch on her left wrist. 10 minutes left, and the professor was still talking as though he had all the time in the world. Kani sighed quietly, processing only about two sentences before her mind went blank again. 

"You see according to writers everywhere, thoughts leave deeper scars than anything else. So with that in mind, I want you to write an essay regarding the damages of words. Remember..." 

Kani rolled her eyes as she heard these words coming from her psychology professor's mouth. He loved to give the class essays on the effects of words and thoughts. So far, she had written three. She looked around at her classmates; a few were groaning, clearly in agony over the thought of another 6 page essay, some were smiling at the prospect of expressing their philosophical thoughts once more, but most were unresponsive. Kani was aware that hardly anyone actually participated in the process of this class. Who the hell cares about psychology class anyway? Kani often thought. 

She stood swiftly with her bag slung over her right shoulder as the class ended, rushing from the back of the room before her professor could catch up to her; he'd been asking to talk with Kani for weeks now. Kani avoided him avidly. She didn't need the stress of another lecture from a philosophical and crystal cloud man. 


She rushed her steps in order to make it to the bus on time. Thrusting her bag into the seat next to her, she slumped against the window. Several people gave her nasty looks; what kind of girl takes up two seats like that? Kani knew that's what they were thinking. But she didn't care. She didn't want anyone to sit next to her. She took out her headphones and turned up the music extra loud. She didn't bother with trying to hide her music taste either. Kani clicked on her kpop playlist and took a deep breath, relaxing as the korean words rushed at her ears. 

When the bus finally reached her apartment complex, Kani stood, her headphones still blaring, and slung her backpack back over her shoulder. She stepped towards the front carefully, making sure not to trip or touch anyone unnecessarily. Kani kept to herself as though she wanted to contain a disease inside herself. She averted her eyes quickly from anyone trying to make eye contact. Once the torturous walk to the driver was over, she pointed to the stop and waited for the doors to open. She'd survived one more day of class, but for Kani, the Hell of the day would never be over. 


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