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Whiskey and bad decisions

January 21, 2016

PROMPT: Flawed Memory


GROUP: True Stories

You smelt like whiskey. It wasn't an expensive whiskey, it was the cheapest one I know that... I bougth it for you. It smelt terribly on everyone else but not with you... Whiskey on you smelt like the beach and even if I don't like the beach, God damn it how I loved the smell of the beach on you. 
I wanted to kiss you, I wanted to hug you and make you smile. I still remember the words you said to me when I asked you to kiss me. You didn't kissed me. I don't remember much about that night.

Everything is such a blur. I can't remember the day but you'll know it for sure. It was a good night for you. You had fun, I know that. I saw that in your eyes. Those were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. You smiled and there was nothing else in that room. Just you, the smell of bad whiskey that smelt really good on you, the really loud music and your smile. I remember your smile. It still haunts me in those memories that I can't remember anymore. 

You didn't kissed me, I love you. I ran away. 


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