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Dreams are such a fascinating subject. Such psychological complexity can leave me captivated for hours.


October 16, 2018

PROMPT: Time Terminator


GROUP: True Stories

A series of thoughts, images and sensations recurring in ones mind during their sleep.
The sub-consciouses imagination running wild.

A kaleidoscope of thoughts, bending the imagination, twisting the undiscovered feelings that lay, waiting, at the bottom of our hearts. Distorted emotions, interpreted through the magic of the subconscious. The paralysing sensation of numb nothingness, as the body absorbs the feeling of no feeling at all. A succession of images, ideas, reactions, and impacts, occuring involuntarily in the mind. Processing thoughts, sometimes incomprehensible, sometimes arcane, sometimes bewildering. Such intricate designs, complex patterns, embroidered with beauty, with fear, with insanity. The brain reactivity is high, as if awake, and yet the body remains immovable. Sometimes vivid, graphic, realistic, lucid. And yet sometimes ambiguous, foggy, obscure, vague. 

Dreams. As I speak about them, time wanes on. And with all the time I've wasted, I could've been dreaming instead.


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  • nezi_nes

    I love how you reverse the popular opinion that dreaming is a waste of time, and turn it into the complete opposite. Mmm

    about 1 year ago