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When I Knew Right Where I Was, But No One Else Did

January 4, 2016

PROMPT: Flawed Memory


GROUP: True Stories

In my memory she said, "Go play." I heard the granted permission and took off. I was in a bigger world than I had known, and the chance to explore it had just been given. Even then I knew not to miss an opportunity for adventure.

But in her memory those words were not spoken. In her memory she turned around and I was gone. She remembers calling security and describing me in a panic. "She's four feet of innocence and is missing a tooth, but that doesn't keep her from smiling."

I remember running around with children I did not know but did not need to. While I had the time of my life, my life flashed before her eyes. 

It could not have been five minutes before I grew weary of playing alone and went to find her. In my memory is the surprise I felt when she hugged me tighter than usual. In her memory was the lesson never to look away.

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