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High School sophomore with a passion for journalism, content creation, politics, and all things Sherlock.

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Stalk me at (group) or (personal) ;).
I am also an amateur journalist looking for any opportunity to ~write~.
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Life's Many Bewildering Moments

July 25, 2018



GROUP: True Stories

Desperate, I asked him to join a competition team with my friend and I after being declined by all favorable partners. He said he would check, and I entered my phone number into his cell hastily. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. After a simple "no" at 11:00pm, my friend and I went to sleep feeling hopeless. 

The next morning, pajama day, we talked about ways to get our revenge. "We should trip him down the stairs," she said crabbily. "or anything else violent works too." She hadn't had her coffee that day.

I accosted him in the hallway and told him that I was so mad I could punch him. Then I stalked off with a pressing weight in my chest, feeling terrible.

The week before Christmas, I confronted him in class and gave him a candy cane. "I'm sorry for yelling at you in my pajamas."
True story. I actually went up to the guy in PJs and told him "I will punch your face". I still occasionally look back at the memory and feel bad, but lesson learnt. 


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