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Peruse my pieces; leave comments- I'll do the same
I mostly stray towards poems and short stories
I like writing op-eds and using semicolons
Longing to be a journalist
-18 and thriving-
Piper :)

Message to Readers

I am not defined by hobbies or talents; instead I focus on ME.

This Ecclectic Being

February 18, 2018

GROUP: True Stories

I suppose I am on somewhat of an existential journey to find and/or create Aesthetic Things.
The perfect balance of original and artsy.
I take my life into my own hands; whether that's cutting my own hair or giving myself stick-and-poke tattoos.
Sometimes I get hung up on maybe.
Maybe if my handwriting was consistent enough or my thought pattern less haphazard I would be something better.
I have recently had the breakthrough I have been waiting for, however, and have ceased defining myself to please anyone else.
I give myself room to breathe and think and just be me.


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  • February 18, 2018 - 5:45am (Now Viewing)

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  • AK123

    Beautiful work. I was just reading through published works and this really captured my soul. And I think you made a typo; did you mean eclectic?

    over 1 year ago