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Past and Present

November 6, 2017

PROMPT: Dual Existence


GROUP: True Stories

    The past is full of memories and regrets, the present is full of the moment and reflections.  That is what I'm here to say, and I could just end it right here, but no.  I'm going to explain, to give you a deeper understanding of memories and regrets, in the moment and relfections.

    I am going to go back to this summer at camp.  I'll give a brief background of where I was and what happened before I get into regrets, in the moment, and reflections.  
    On the third day of camp, my friend said to me, "You like him."
    "No I don't."
    "Yes, you do."
    And that went on and on for five minutes.  My friends and others thought me and this boy liked each other, as friends but also the lovey-dovey type of liking.  He was going into the grade above me and he was tall and really nice.  Whenever he was around other people, mostly other girls, he wouldn't talk too much, but when he was around me, we would talk non stop.  At lunch everyday we were getting made fun of for supposedly liking each other.  But, one day he made a pretty bad decision.
    He told his friend that he liked me, and he freaked out.  His friend went to tell me, but he was really mad.  He slapped him in the mouth and they fought.  The one who liked me was sent to the back of the line.  Then his friend told me; I felt really bad for him.  I should've went to the back and comforted him, but I was in the moment back at the time.  There's my first regret.  That happened on a Thursday, but anyway back to the event.  
    Every single day we were made fun of, for two weeks.  He and I were waiting for recess and lunch and we were kind of alone.  Our group of friends weren't around, so I said to him something like this:
    "I don't get it.  Why do they keep making fun of us?  I wouldn't believe anyone if they liked me unless they told me.  Because--"
    "Isn't it obvious that I like you."
    I was in shock.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, ever admits that they like someone face to face.  I completely admire the bravery it took him to say that.  Then, our friends came over.
    I am now skipping all the way to the end of camp, the last day before the last hour.
    He asked me if I had an iMessage, and I did, so I told him.  
    Then the person that he told the Thursday came over and said something like this:
    "Awwww.  You two are exchanging numbers.  Adorable."  Ugh, he was so annoying.  We went to our last activity, and the end of the day came.  The one who liked me was waiting to be picked up, and according to my mom, he was looking up the stairs to see if I was coming.  We, sadly, said our good byes and went home.  

    There's the story, but now it's time for a couple regrets.  I should've comforted him when he was devastated about our little situation.  I should've shot back some insults when I had the chance.  I should've talked to him alone to make sure we were cool.  I know there are so many regrets I could think of, but those were the ones that I thought of from the top of my head.

    Now I'm in the moment.  Writing, thinking, and now reflecting.  This time in my life has taught me so much.  I have learned to stay away from drama, ignore those who think that I like someone, and be smart in life.  That is a very small reflection, but I'm pretty sure y'all have been in some situation like that.  I don't need much explaining here, so that's that.

    I have my dual existence, my past and present, my time of memories, regrets, moments, and reflections.  That is just one of the many dual existences that I have had in my life, and I'm sure many of you have had the same kind of existence.


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  • f l o r a

    This is a really relatable story, I’m in the same situation right now
    It’s nice to know I’m not alone

    over 2 years ago