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I feel like I took the prompt a little differently... feedback is always helpful. This is more personal than anything.

It Was Right

October 23, 2017

PROMPT: Dual Existence


GROUP: True Stories

    In my Memory the way you look at me, makes me feel dangerous. Like somehow when our eyes lock on each others, I am daring, I would do anything for you.

The way you look at me, makes me want to spend every single day with you. I can see the passion in your eyes and suddenly nothing else matters.

In my memory, when you look at me, I feel confident. There is nothing in the whole world that could make me feel the way you do.

 In my memory, when our lips touch, electricity runs through my veins like a lightning bolt. Making me feel so alive, making every day worth living.

In my memory, when you hold me, I wish that you would never let go.

When you hold me, I know that you care. 

When you hold me, I can feel your heartbeat. It makes me think about how crazy it is that we found each other. Two people, out of this amazing world with trillions of people. I found you.

In my memory, I saw the way you looked at me.. and then we fell in love.

The way you love me, makes me believe in hope.

The way you love me, makes me love myself. We fell in love, and every day I am reminded of the way you looked at me, the way you still look at me.

The reason, we fell in love. 

In my memory, I remember thinking that this was the type that would last forever. Now, living, breathing, in this very moment I realize that I was wrong. 


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