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High School sophomore with a passion for journalism, content creation, politics, and all things Sherlock.

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I am also an amateur journalist looking for any opportunity to ~write~.
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The Girl In The Corner

August 2, 2017

GROUP: True Stories

No one would have ever thought that the chubby little black haired girl standing in the corner of the room would grow up to be who she was in the present day. From a bustling city to a small town, no one would have expected she'd have so much to offer. But she decided from a young age that she would prove them wrong. 

She became the girl with the big dreams. She became the award-winning author. She would become an academic gold-star, a girl who chased ideas that were worthless to others.

But no one knew. 

This short story is true in many ways, and at the same time, some things are also to come. Since elementary (a long long time ago) school, I've lost weight (partially thanks to the fact my doctor discovered I had hypothyroidism and I finally had meds to deal with that), I've grown tall, I've won writing competitions, and I've won academic awards - but none of that matters yet. I have a goal in mind that's more significant than anything I've ever done, and hopefully, I'll achieve it. 


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