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Message to Readers

Dear J K Rowling, I hope you know how magnificently magical is the Wizarding world you have created and shared with us. Some days, I really wish I can teleport or fly to Hogwarts through the endless clouds; most days, I wish Hogwarts was real. <3 I don't think I can ever admire nor thank you enough.

A View from A Castle

July 7, 2017

PROMPT: Dual Existence


GROUP: True Stories

The slept-in soft familiarity of my bed suspends a feeling that time has slowed on this late Sunday afternoon. There would be no time for such lying around when school starts with all its activity tomorrow. I look across my room, where the rounded, smooth pearly white curvature of the walls of the building opposite my street echo a tower. A tower I have never and will never visit in real life, but more often than I can count in my imagination.

Hogwarts called to the young me. I pretend I'm Harry, sitting on the windowsill watching the view from my perch. There's no place I'd rather be, no wind I'd rather have, no other experience I'd trade for being in the most magical place there can be. My heart swells with the joyousness of having been part of a world so fantastical, so full of life and possibilities. 

I wish this feeling can stay, but I am reminded that it's just a daydream, an unplanned visit to past escapes from reality when the skies begin to darken and accordingly to physics, the tower walls.


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