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By: Uma Bhat

PROMPT: Music Is

It's what the world sees as my exterior; a calm, forever peaceful soul.
But inside is a collapsing cavern of chaos, ready to unleash itself at any moment, to destroy the fa├žade that was created to suppress it. With no warning, the last strings could be pulled and the cover would collapse, exposing the madness that lays behind it. Only one thing can keep the little devil inside of my head in control; the never-ending melodies. They somehow negotiate, even tame, the violent surges. They put the demon to sleep, lulling it goodnight.
If not for the strange sounds, something demonic would be revealed to the world.  

Peer Review

After reading this piece, there is a sense of depth and power I feel that emanates from the writer's strong word choice and lyrical writing style. The brevity of the piece also indicates a feeling of temporary liberation and peace that the writer feels once in their musical world.

I would really love to read more about the importance of music in the writer's life. Specifically, more about the 'cavern of chaos' embedded within the writer's soul. This expansion of detail would really add to the creative flavor of the piece as it will show the raw power of a beautiful tune on a troubled heart/mind.

Reviewer Comments

Wow, this piece is so intricate and really explains so much about you as a writer! The sophisticated vocabulary and interesting thought process were really evident with your unique style of writing. The only thing I would focus on more in this piece is your emphasis on the power of music to confront your innate demons; you can use imagery or anecdotes to truly convey the impact music has. Overall, this piece is one of a kind as it is beautifully written in its vocabulary and style. Please keep writing!