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December 6, 2019

PROMPT: Still Lifes


GROUP: True Stories

She watched the moonlight racing against the bay waters. Winds curled branches above her as she walked the boardwalk. 
Any stars planning to come that night were yet to bloom into the sky.  The coffee in her hand like cardboard did nothing but add to the empty songs by a lonely voice in her brain, the songs she planned to write but never sounded how they were supposed to when she plucked the strings.  She longed for the city, the pigeons fluttering, and cooing, the frantic pitter-patter of mice in a dirty old apartment. She longed for a letter in good cursive to survive just for her on a nice page. She remembered herself in a shadow a thousand ways on this board walk. The moon only could see a happy her once or twice. Mostly, the clouds overcame her, and the water was too quiet to hear. 
Impatience with childhood. 


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