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Hi everyone! The reason why I created a Write the World account is I wanted to find a platform where I could share my writing with other young adults across the country. I seek to make my writing, especially my essays, vivid and creative.

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Yeah, I've watched a lot of lion documentaries in my time :)


November 15, 2019

GROUP: True Stories

I'd like to think I'm a lioness: a strong, fierce, and resourceful creature. When people think of lions, they automatically think of the pride male, with his thick, golden mane and majestic form. The male lion may be gorgeous to look at, but lionesses remind me of something stronger. Whereas the male's primary responsibility is to prowl the pride's territory to fight invaders and sire the new generation of cubs, female lionesses are the true foundation of what allows the pride to survive.
First of all, they are the primary hunters for the families, requiring them to develop complex hunting strategies of coordination and cooperation. I also tend to work well in groups, realizing the need to work together in order to achieve something significant.
I am also very family-oriented, like the lioness. There is a reason that prides exist. Sisters, mothers, and cousins share close ties, and will stay together for the rest of their lives. Males, on the other hand, may be driven out by a more powerful lion. They may become the leader of several packs over their lifetime, proving that the lioness's family life bears more similarities to that of humans.
All this to say I really admire the female lions. They are the real kings of the animal world: they are intelligent, resourceful, and able, perhaps even more than the male lion.


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