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Recipe for disaster

November 14, 2019



GROUP: True Stories

Recipe For Disaster
  1. Find something that is none of your business
  2. Find out as much as you can and sprinkle some tumors around
  3. Act as if you know nothing  about it and watch as people flounder
  4. Comfort the people involved and tell them you're on their side
  5. Continuously say things behind their back while you also gain their trust
  6. Repeat the 5th step as needed
  7. Watch everything they love fall apart in front of them
Expect a sour taste
  This is just one interpretation of Disaster. It can come in many forms in many ways. Some might consider the simple things a Disaster and for some it's never enough.
Disaster is a subjective term


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  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    wow that was incredible! good job!!
    (for some reason i keep almost typing "god job")
    so yeah Yay!!!

    2 months ago