" As a writer
you try to listen
to what others
aren't saying...
and write about
the silence "
- N.R. Heart

Mountains & Trees

November 12, 2019

PROMPT: Imagined Scene


GROUP: True Stories

Mountains rushed past and I wondered to whom or what they were running to. I wondered whether they would ever tire from their strides, whether they would tire from fleeing. I looked towards the trees that weaved between them - like a toddler running circles - and I could hear a child's laughter in between the breeze. As I stared back at the window, not through it but at the glass, I knew that perhaps I, myself, would never tire of running. The feeling of leaving yet running full speed, with a confidence only you legs can take, with a momentum only your arms truly feel, I knew that I to will one day be running with mountains and trees. I hope I never tire.


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