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The Waters Below

November 11, 2019

PROMPT: Imagined Scene


GROUP: True Stories

Sapphire under the burning sun, waves crash against the fortress wall, begging me to take a cool dip and be part of their world. Although planted firmly on the ground, my feet can't help but inch forward across the sandy brick, beaten down over the centuries, my toes teetering over the edge. This port belonged to swashbuckling pirates, robbing ornate galleons of all they were worth, stealing maidens and depleting rum supplies. They'd never have expected sweet families to take their Easter holidays here, catching crabs and feeding fries to seagulls. My hair ripples in the wind. I stare at the waves below, calling my name, promising to tell me secrets kept locked away for years. It's time to swim now. I crouch down, ready to push myself off and uncover the treasures lying at the bottom when I hear a woman's voice, shrill, calling to me. Turning, I see my mother waiting behind me, and I shake my head to rid myself of this stupor. The waves no longer call, they have gone silent.


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