The name's Pranavi, meaning "the 1st sound in the universe".
Addicted to reading books, writing literary pieces & K-POP {EXO, NCT, WayV, SuperM, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Gugudan, Everglow, SNSD & Super Junior}

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Writ•er/ 'raiter
- noun
1. a peculiar organism capable of
transforming caffine into books.


November 10, 2019

GROUP: True Stories

The rooster's active mind is always working on a way to create more drama in its life. Offsetting a feisty and competitive nature is a secretive and aloof side that manifests itself when it feels insecure. And yet, a rooster is a solid friend. Their blunt approach -- while sometimes hurtful and tactless -- can always be counted on to be honest and frank. 
There's a touch of glamour in everything the rooster does -- for settling for less would be exasperating to the rooster's essence. Why take the train if you can fly? This philosophy pervades its personal life. 


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