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By: A Rose

PROMPT: Dual Existence

I come back to camp and it's like coming home. It hasn't been a year, I don't know about what is to come/has happened, there's no such thing as an ending. The rain falls into the wind of an infinity symbol. I almost forget what home is, because this certainly feels like home. The days race with days, the whole 26 or so of them I've gotten to spend there. Even when I think of it all, it blends. Suddenly, I'm in love. Suddenly, I have a best friend forever and ever, amen. Suddenly, I'm popular and foolish and bold and talented. Suddenly, there's no such thing as foolish. Suddenly, I'm the most talented kid in a class full of kings.
Just writing is...those aren't things I'd ever say out loud. Those aren't things I'd admit in waves of sound or to anyone I've ever known. Sometimes, I can barely thing of who I am there. Sometimes all I can think of is that me, the me who's so brave and who lives in a world of bright colors sprinkled with music. Sometimes, I hope that me can take over. Sometimes, when it does, it ends in disaster.
Camp feels like a polaroid photo double-exposed--infinity-exposed. It feels like I'm always there and my future will be there as well. I don't know if that's real at all. First Aid Kit has a song, it goes It's been "a long time since summertime and the stories that we told." It has been a long time. I won't let it fade, but I'm terrified instead I'm just fading into it. Where's the line between remembrance and nostalgia, toxic nostalgia?

Message to Readers


Peer Review

I like how you use figurative language to show how the memories intertwine.

I feel like you kind of got off topic in the middle when you started talking about the confident you taking over, but other than that everything is pretty good.

Reviewer Comments

I really liked when you said, "It feels like I'm always there and my future will always be there."