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Grace Ow


Since I was young, I was a voracious reader and had a deep love of words and the way they could be used to convey meaning. I hope that my words and my stories would have a positive impact on others.

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The First Day

April 30, 2016

PROMPT: Lens Change


GROUP: True Stories

She walked into the school for the first time, the sound of her heartbeat ringing in her ears like sirens. As she treaded forward, every step felt like a mistake, until her feet was planted to the ground at the mere sight before her. There was an explosion, as all the other four-year-old children like her were sitting at a table full of half-finished breakfast, the table cloth decorated bits of milk stain and stray cereal bits. The children themselves were using their spoons to bang the table like they were war drums, all the while chatting noisily to each other, screaming at the top of their voices, as if they knew that everything around them was catered to them.

She started to feel a wave of nausea creeping up from her stomach as a chill travelled down her spine, as she found herself further shrinking into the corner, blending into the shadows. Even at such a tender age, she recognised that she was the outsider, and that was something she would have to change in the coming months. She was contemplating the possibility of walking towards the huge table to introduce herself, when she saw a girl coming up towards her. This girl was slightly taller than her, and had an air of confidence that was so intimidating that she had the fight the urge to cower from her firm gaze.

"Hi," she said cheerfully. "I'm Andrea. What's your name?" Andrea smiled, easing the tension that had been forming in the pits of the girl's stomach. 

At that point, it was as if all history was holding its breath, for it knew in the way it always did, that it was witnessing a moment of great significance for years to come, that this was one of the moments that would be talked about through the years, accompanied by juice boxes and coffee cups and eventually champagne glasses.

The girl returned her smile, and replied, "Nice to meet you. My name is Grace."


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