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A Pleasant Reunion

July 16, 2019

PROMPT: Lens Change


GROUP: True Stories

  While the only known East Asian boy of the whole school walked through the thick, cream-coloured, Canadian snow, he eventually came home, just to be greeted by his many aunts and uncles back from China. It felt as if a missing part of him had finally came back after several years, though it had only been only a couple of months since they had last met. Just as the boy had expected, they all look similar from when he was still at the trip to China; both of his aunts still had the warm sparkle on their eyes when they smiled and his uncle still has a nice, firm voice when he spoke. He went in after the warm welcome home, and soon enough, they all had dinner after he took off all his snow gear and his boots.
  "So, what are we going to do with my aunties and uncles, dad?" asked the boy. "Maybe we will just plan on visiting the Niagara Falls once again," replied his father. " You haven't been there during the winter, have you?". 
  "That sounds great, dad!" the boy exclaimed. As soon as dinner time ended, the only thing they could ever do is to wait. Weeks have went by the Canadian winter, but the family spent time on holiday movies, snowball fights, and visiting the great, earthy nature just inside Toronto. After these fun weeks flew by, the day finally came when they all can visit the falls and enjoy the extraordinary scenery provided by the roots of nature.
  After the five hour drive, the boy and his relatives were deeply astounded by the magnificent, jaw-dropping waterfalls stretching all the way from the tiny town they were in all the way to the US. They hiked for miles and miles of an seemingly endless, snowy trail, only to stop at the centre, where all the power and beauty seemed to bind together, forming the best view as compared to all the others. Unknowingly, this soon became a memory which can not be easily forgotten, but one that the boy still remembers up till now.


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