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Calan Martin

United States


March 28, 2016



GROUP: True Stories

Calan Martin
Mrs. Fischer
Honors CTL 9
    Sounds of thundering shouting echoed the halls and into my room, another night of fighting, I thought to myself as I lie awake.  It was strange how your day could change from good to bad because of a single thing, that day was one of those days.  Recently the loud arguments between my parents had become more frequent and lasted much longer - but this one felt different. Then suddenly the yelling stopped and I heard footsteps draw closer to my room, the door swung open and in came my mom.
    “Pack your things we’re going to your grandmothers.”
She left before I could ask a single question.  I quickly gathered some clothes in a bag and went to see what was going on, my mom was in my little brothers room helping him get things, reassuring him we wouldn't be gone for long. My mom noticed me standing outside of his room and said,
“I’m sure you have lots of questions but I don’t have time to explain now.”
Something was different about her. Normally she would have came up with something to let me know everything was fine but this time she didn’t, I felt like whatever happened was serious and she was worried too.  Soon after she rushed out my brothers room hurriedly saying,
“Come on Calan get to the car.”
Taking my brother by the hand she strapped him in his car seat as I climbed in the front. We pulled out of the driveway and I saw my dad in the front window, I had never seen him so sad in my entire life.
    The car ride to my grandmas was silent, aside from my little brother making random sounds in the back seat. I didn't say a world because I was so confused and my mom appeared very upset. When we got to my grandma's house she seemed surprised, she saw my mom was very distraught from something and walked her inside.
    “Go get settled in boys.” My grandma said as she turned to my mom. I took my brother to the guest bedroom to get ready for bed. He appeared totally unaffected from everything that just happened. this was strange to me because I didn't know how he didn't understand this was serious.  I brushed it off because I knew he was too young to comprehend the situation. The both of us settled down to go to sleep, but I did not sleep, after a while I heard the sobs of my mom as my grandma tried to comfort her.  Now I knew I wasn't going to get sleep and I knew that this moment would stay with me forever.
    The next day was a Saturday so we didn't have to go to school, when I got out of bed I found my grandma in the kitchen cooking breakfast with my little brother.  
    “How did you sleep last night?” She asked trying to cover up the fact she was sad.
    “Fine.” I replied even though it was a lie. I wondered where my mom was and how my dad was doing, she never slept in late, this only added to my anxiety.  My grandma gave me a plate of food, but I was not hungry at all, I just sat and stared at it until my brother offered to eat it.
    “Where’s mom?” I asked.
    “She's still in bed, bud.” Replied my grandma sympathetically.
    “Can I wake her up?” My brother added almost excitedly.
    “No, let her sleep for a while she had a long night last night.”  Said my grandma.
There was so many thoughts racing through my head I didn't know what to do, I kept wondering why my parents were fighting and if any of it was because of me.  I decided to watch some TV to distract myself from my thoughts.
It was another two hours before my mom woke up. When she walked out she said,
“Calan, Maddux, I need to talk to you boys for a minute.” The both of us went over to where she was and she took us into the living room.
“Your dad and I had a fight last night and we think it might be best if we don't see each other for a while. I’ll start off by telling you that none of this is either of you boys’ fault and if you ever have any questions just know you can come to me.”
“Why did you and daddy fight mommy?” My little brother, Maddux, asked.
“It’s hard to explain buddy, but I can assure you that your dad and I still love you boys very much and everything is going to be okay.” Said my mom.
    “How long are we going to stay here?” I finally asked.
    “As long as it takes for us to get this problem sorted out.” Replied my mom. After that day I had a feeling that my parents would never be together again.
    After staying two more nights at my grandma's house we had to go to school on monday. My brother and I got ready for school and my mom dropped us off. At the time I was in fourth grade and my brother was in kindergarten. The first day back to school after the fight was the hardest, I couldn't focus at all in school and was always scared of what could happen. I thought I would never see my dad again or we would move away. Soon my friends began to notice I wasn't my normal self, I didn't talk to anyone or tell them about the fight. Even after the first day I continued to not talk with anyone, I never told anyone how I was feeling and didn't pay attention in class. My teacher caught up on this and asked me multiple times if anything was wrong, each time I told her I was fine. That was one of my biggest mistakes.
    Almost two weeks had passed and I had not seen my dad since the fight, it became routine for me not to talk to anyone. Everyday would pass and I waited for word on the situation between my parents. Until one day when my mom told us we were going to see our dad, this boosted my spirits a bit because I really missed him. After school one day my mom picked Maddux and I up and dropped us off at home. My dad was waiting outside for us and hugged us both. I realized at that moment having divorced parents might not be that bad after all.
    In the end my parents ended up getting divorced but my life did not turn for the worst, it actually improved. Not only did it shape who I am today as a person but it taught me how to be flexible and resilient as well as helping my found my own value system. The divorce didn't only shape who I am but also extended my family with three step-sisters and a caring step-dad who are all as close as regular family to me. In the end I know that this event in my life has changed me for the better and helped me learn skills that are necessary to succeed in life.


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