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I Forgot

March 4, 2016

PROMPT: Flawed Memory


GROUP: True Stories

Like many others, I forgot the most important day of my life: my birth. The day I was brought to the universe that brought me so much in return, I completely forgot. 

I doubt anyone in the world remembers, and if they do they should be in a museum. It's hard to extend you memory so far, impossible rather. It is kind of disappointing I don't know what happened that afternoon on June 20th, the day I will know to be my favorite day until the end of me. 

I think there were fireworks, parades, and an animal-free circus that afternoon, but my mother says there wasn't. I'm pretty sure there were lots of balloons and flowers and my favorite music was playing; classic rock. My mother says there wasn't.
I'm sure it was nice and painful and stuff. I wouldn't know.

I can't remember the face of the nurse or the doctor or my mom's face or my dad's.

I don't remember the first faces I ever saw or the first breath I ever took or the first smell I smelled or anyone of my very first. All the things I know about my very firsts are tales told by my mother, who's memory is as good as mine. 

I forgot the most important day of my life, and you only live once. 


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