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mrs. shawn mendes. (the wedding was a while ago)
all i need is coffee, and another nap. (actually, more like six)
talk like i text. (don't judge)

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thank you jenna!

a day to remember

March 1, 2019

PROMPT: A Gift of a Day


GROUP: True Stories

the best compliment i ever got.

it was last thursday, and i had done my hair the day before. it was in silvery, black, and gray extensions, and everyone was touching them, and complimenting them, but only one compliment stuck with me.

my friend jenna had seen them, and she is strictly christian, and never uses the lords name in vain, but she came over to me, and said "jesus christ."
i pointed at her, and said "you used the lords name in vain."
and she shook her head. "jesus christ, you look beautiful."

the fact that she broke her own rule to compliment me was really great, and that memory will always be in my mind!

sure, everyone else was saying, "you look so pretty"
but nothing felt as real, and meaningful as her.


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  • Jae

    yes, thank you! i guess it's the little things that affect us the most!

    7 months ago
  • Hanan Adi

    That is unusual and so touching. I don't know her, but for your sake I've just got to say "Thank you, Jenna," too; that was just so awesome of her.

    7 months ago