True Stories

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Imagined Scene

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In TEN SENTENCES or less, write about an experience from your past in which you escaped the reality of the event and retreated into your imagination. In addition to portraying real vs. imaginary, see if you can give your reader a taste of why you were escaping the confines of your world. 

Need inspiration? Here's a micro memoir by Tina Barry, published in Inch Magazine.

Bon Voyage

Mother wears a custom-made suit, bold black and white checks, the skirt fitted tight to the knees. My sister and I teeter beside her, two untethered buoys, dresses buoyant in the breeze. Mother watches the ship, a sailing city crowded with waving couples against a white, white exterior. Corks burst from champagne bottles: shrieks as the bubbling liquid pours over hands and arms. Bon Voyage, Bon Voyage, we cry to friends of Mother's, the wife barely recognizable beneath a veiled hat. After the ship retreats into the sea with an exaggerated honk, we huddle in the back seast of the car. Let's sleep on the deck chairs, we whisper, and imagine the evening growing colder. Perhaps we'd cling together, our shivering bodies covered with widely-striped towels. Two girls alone on a boat, the water black and rushing past, lips salty.