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A Train, a Café, a Quiet Corner…

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Write the World alumna Xin Yi Yap (Singapore), who is now a college student with a minor in Creative Writing, recently participated in a Q&A on the WtW blog:
“Do you have a particular time and place when you write?
When I know that I’ll be making a long train journey I’ll bring a notebook and pen along. Ideas sometimes strike when I people-watch, stare out of the windows, or daydream. It’s a convenient time to disconnect for a little while because I get pretty distracted on my phone! I also often write at night because that’s when the whole world feels like it’s asleep. It’s just me and my thoughts, and that’s comforting sometimes.”
Tell us, dear writers, where and when do you like to write? What are your conditions for creative success? What do you find most effective when you need to sink into your writer’s mind—movement? Stillness? Music? Silence?