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For this prompt, dear writers, we invite you to write about writing that inspires you to write (try saying that three times fast!). Is there an author, poet, comic book, or zine that ignites your creative fire? Did you read a novel in your language arts class that left you thinking about the beauty of the written word? Do you stay up late reading poetry by flashlight, to get ideas for your own poems? When you set your pen to paper, who are your “mentor” authors? Whose artistry do you hope to emulate?
OPTIONAL: As you reflect on the writing that inspires you to write, refer to these guiding questions:
  • Describe the moment when you encountered this work: Where were you? What was going on around you?
  • How did you discover this work? Was it recommended to you?
  • Did you read a hard copy, digital version, or experience this piece through performance?
  • What thoughts did you have when you first encountered this piece? Did you tell anyone else about it?
  • How has your relationship with the work changed over time?
  • In what ways does this work (or author, or poet) influence your own writing?
  • In the footnotes section of your reflection, please cite and provide a link (if possible) to the writing that inspires you; it might inspire another writer, just like it did for you!
Thank you to group member Angelina Nguyen for the original inspiration for this prompt.