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"A Map of Lost Things"

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In her essay, A Map of Lost Things, Jamila Osman writes about her parents leaving Somalia and immigrating to Canada and the US. They hadn’t intended on leaving for good, but a civil war and the collapse of the Somali government in 1991 prevented their return. “Nobody leaves home thinking they will never return,” Osman writes. “I wonder what my parents would have taken with them when they left their home in Somalia in the late ’80s. Who might they have made amends with, what old haunts would they visit one last time if they knew they would never be back?”
Imagine what it would be like to leave home, dear writers—as refugees around the world do every day, forced to leave by political, environmental, or social pressures.
·        What items would you take with you?
·        Who would you make amends (apologies) with?
·        What old haunts (favorite places) would you visit one last time?