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Screech. Hiss. Charge.

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Just like fiction, personal essays come alive with a sense of movement. Notice how in the beginning of Eric C.’s college essay, his description of the train in Hong Kong transports us onto the crowded car with him:
The train screeched to a halt, and the doors hissed as hydraulic pumps cranked open the steel doors. Immediately, hordes of people charged in and out of the car. People frantically tried to reach the doors—maids grasping groceries and men in business suits. Bags smacked against my shins, and suitcases bruised my legs during a symphony of chaos.
For this prompt, dear writers, craft your own description of a place you frequent, inviting your readers there with you by creating the world in action. This could be a stand-alone piece, or an excerpt from a personal essay or memoir.
[Eric C’s essay was originally published in How to Write a College Application Essay.]