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April 28, 2021


Maybe she's overcomplicating this, nothing could get her away from the pillows and soft blanket.
But is that home?
In such a luxurious place, she feels foreign and unwanted in the most ridiculous way.
Is that home?
That's not home!
Reading a book with music blasting on the headphone, adapting a character's life making it her own.
Yes! That's home.
In her uncle's car sprawled out on the backseat.
Staring out the window, seeing the future what she plans to be.
That's home.
Living on her own planet, own space.
Made a lot of mistakes but that's the tears for appropriate days.
Every day it's a fight with herself.
Some peace and quiet would do her good help.
Home isn't what you think it is, just the simplest of things....could make a huge difference.
Days she wanted to commit a crime, thought it was her time....
Lying to herself that she's fine.
When all along her home was her mind.


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