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April 13, 2021

PROMPT: This I Believe

I believe in creativity. 
On this Earth, from the year I was born, to now; times have drastically changed in how kids observe and play. 
When I was a small child, I was blowing air from my mouth into a fan to make funny sounds, and pretending to be an all-powerful superhero on the playground at recess. 
In today's society, parental figures hand their small children technology. 
Do parents not understand the importance of allowing your children to explore new things, without the touch of a screen?
Kids deserve to learn how to be creative. Without it, they grow up before they should. 
Many of the ones I have met know way more about today's society than I did at their age. 
I'm still a minor. And I'm deeply upset and frustrated at what creativity was then, and what it is now
Let kids create funny costumes and wear capes and crowns without having to Google how to make them. Let kids play outside, in the sunshine, laughing and giggling while pretending to be horses. 
Let them be kids. 
Because in today's world- that's all they're going to get. 
Those precious moments of no responsibilities, no problems, no worries. Just freedom. 
Give them this time of creativity. 
A time that doesn't involve technology. 


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