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Hello! My (online) name is Bouquet, I'm 14, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm an 8th grader! I love biking outdoors, and skateboarding! I'm big on collecting crystals, and I love watching livestreams on Twitch.

Message to Readers

This piece is about my experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Constructive criticism/Peer reviews are very much welcome/appreciated!

This I Believe

March 30, 2021

PROMPT: This I Believe

I believe,
one day,
we will return to normal.
Masks will no longer be worn,
small businesses no longer closed
still, through the rising numbers,
I believe.

I believe,
one day,
I will be okay.
My trauma will be healed,
my mind free of guilt and regret
as waves of depression come and go,
I believe.


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  • Nyla

    Oh also, if you ever have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to reach out :)
    (p.s. oh my! I can't believe you're only in grade 8! I wish I could write like this back then!)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    This was a very emotional piece and I love the repetition of "I believe". It makes it seem as though you're trying to make yourself believe and I think that makes it so much more relatable! (just my interpretation)
    RE: Awww thank you so much!! And ohh awesome! No worries, it took me a while to figure everything out! So when you submit a peer review, it has to be first checked by one of the people who run this site. You end up getting it (you’ll get a notification) around 2-4 days after it’s submitted. (I knowww it takes forever!)
    Welcome to WTW :)

    6 months ago