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Sanctuary - my room

February 20, 2021


At home. In my own room. I don’t need to pretend, to be all those that I’m not. I don’t have to be happy, or be the cheerful one. I don’t have to bring light to the world, i can be the darkness without guilt.
Lock the door for me. Put on some musics as well. The voice of Merethe Solvdt soothes me, and all those unhappy moments are resolved, locked outside the thin walls of my room, and out of my world. I could undo my hair, and tore the masks I’ve been wearing all day long. I weep, and i hum with the music. It’s all those things that i don’t often do in front of other human beings.
No, no even my closest friends. I tried to be tough, because i know they need me to be though more than i need them to be tough. But that doesn’t mean, i am that tough after all. I’m not a body crafted out of iron, a body that lacks all those humanly emotions. I am alive, so be aware of it.
Free me in my own little sanctuary. Allow me to enjoy these precious omens of peace. When the pandemic doesn’t exits, when there’s no need to be checking the cases data all day. When other people could not be seen anywhere, and so no forced social interactions. When all the conflicts could be forgotten, and I’m happy at once.
Its during the pandemic that i need my sanctuary the most. Stressed, worked out, deflated and lost, i crave so much, for a place to recharge. Away from the crowds, and away from the voice of th news announcing the case numbers for the day. Drifting away, into a wonderland. My own wonderland.
Swimming with the clouds, high up in the sky as if in water. Dancing with the sea weeds in the depth of the ocean, let the flows carry me, and i feel no weight at all. 
I stare down into the abyss, and dumped all my worries into it. I shoved the monsters out of my room, and the dreadful viruses as well.
It’s only ever just me, and myself, in there and enjoying this little confinement. Taking in every single breaths as calmly as i physically can.


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  • astrea

    wow you describe it so beautifully

    2 months ago