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“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.” -Samwise Gamgee

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Trying to craft meaningful stories while juggling school, family, and life in general.
Someone who likes to write and loves to live.
My username is Odyssey because we are all on our own journey. :)
Hi everyone reading this, I hope you are having a fantastic day.

You are loved and you have meaning. Never forget that.

I'll also probably forget to respond to comments- it's not cause I don't appreciate them ( I do- a lot), I'm just really absentminded.

Interested in art, the future, philosophy, morality, ethics, the origins of the universe, and the meaning of life. Trying to figure it all out.

This I Believe, This I Proclaim

February 13, 2021

PROMPT: This I Believe

This I believe:
    that certainties never exist 
         because doubt comes-
            fast and loud
suddenly what was certain is a lie
    and what was outrageous now is true
the uncertainty of not knowing is 
   the only certainty you have

This I believe:
 that what brings you down can make you rise
    with open, feathered wings as you 
say to yourself, "Yes, I can fly,
   because anyone can rise when they have landed at the 
   bottom of the world, the bottom of themselves."

This I believe:
even the past you from one hour,
   one minute,
       one second ago,
is changing 
sometimes the change is linear:
 you grow into yourself like a seed to a tree,
    but other times- most often times
  you grow like a tangled,
tying yourself in knots, reverting to your former
going forward, backward, left
and right,
and wrong 
reaching for the sun,
but sometimes,
growing in the dark

This I believe:
that the opportunities the privileged have
must to,
ought not,
can not
be wasted
if the world we want to attain
is to arrive in
glaring, blazing 
the education
the advocation
the plight of the 
must not be forgotten

This I believe: 
that one day,
triumphs will make us jubilant and
trials will make us
and what we have learned will
what we can and will attain


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