February 11, 2021

PROMPT: The Unseen

Sitting alone here, looking at that plain blue sea,
I'm holding onto my heart that wishes to run away from everything left behind me..

Screaming, crying, letting those tears dwell my eyes,
But silence is what I only get, while looking up at those dull, dark skies..

Its going to end soon, is what I thought  and pretended to be strong,
But now there's no more to pretend, because I'm finally proven wrong..

It's done, nothing's going change with everything going on,
That last ray, still flickering inside me, will definitely lose hope until the dawn..

I tried, tried to keep it all inside that suffering lil heart,
But stopped, when realized that it was all useless from the very start..

And then came the waves, crashing through me and showing me my end,
Suddenly, It was all over, and left behind was a broken heart that no one could ever mend…


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1 Comment
  • Zirong

    The flow is amazing, and the rhymes are awesome! I can feel the beautiful sadness. Hope you are doing well :)

    2 months ago