Hi! I’m a 14 year old girl that loves to read, write, and do anything with words. I live in Canada and play hockey, softball and I dance. I’m an introvert and am almost always found with my nose in a book. (Mostly fantasy) I also love chocolat! :)

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The Gift of Knowledge

February 7, 2021

    In my 14 years of living I’ve gotten so many pieces of advice. Family, friends, strangers, they all have something to tell me. I don’t remember most of these  words, and some I feel are too private to share, but even if my mind doesn’t remember all the pieces of advice that I’ve been given my heart does.  
But about a week ago in class my social studies teacher said something that won’t leave my mind. It’s a piece of advice unlike any that I think I’ve ever received. Sitting in her chair looking at our class she said words that won’t stop repeating in my mind.
    If you give people knowledge you’re giving them a chance, you’re giving them information that they hadn’t  had before. You’re giving them a gift.
    Of course when you say that in front of a class of ninth graders a portion of them will stare at you like you’re crazy. So she started to explain… really that was the long way of telling you to be honest and telling you to find the truth, to share the truth. After that the class went on, but that night I lay awake thinking about those words. And I realize how much truth they held.
    The Holocaust. A horrific stain on the world's history. Luckily the Allies won the war and it came to an end. At least physically, the mental part of it is still probably still going on. Imagine if the world hadn’t heard of what was happening to the Jewish people. Imagine if they hadn’t gained that knowledge. They wouldn’t have had as big of a reason to fight, they wouldn’t have been trying to help and to free people. Who knows what would have become of our world if we hadn’t found out about the destruction that was happening in Germany. The destruction that was beginning to spread.
    Obviously that example was a world war which is maybe a bit extreme, but even thinking about things that aren’t world wars; Racism, bullying, anxiety. If people wouldn’t have gained the knowledge that those things were happening to other people imagine how alone they would feel. And I know that some people still feel alone, but I hope that someday soon they can gain the knowledge that they’re not. 
Knowledge is one of the most valuable gifts that a person can give. Don’t forget that.

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  • Mpm#1

    Absolutely true! You're really lucky to have such an awesome teacher!
    Re: I'm glad I made you laugh! Thank you!

    2 months ago
  • Dragonfly

    Re: thank you! You really should take physics when you can and are interested in it, it's really fascinating (with the right teacher, of course)! I'm glad I could help with the title :)

    2 months ago