"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." - Augustus Waters

"You've got stars in your eyes, so let's paint the sky." - Hold on, Extreme Music

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Aurora (not my real name btw), is not only the Latin word meaning "dawn", but also the name of the Roman goddess of "sunrise". Sunrise; the bringer of light and hope. The only light equivalent to that of Aurora is the light shed upon the world through magical words. Words that have the power to break and heal hearts. Words that sing the song of the soul. Words that have the power to change worlds.

Ghost of my past

January 25, 2021

PROMPT: The Unseen

I see you in the lake down by the meadow. 
I hear your voice in the song of the cuckoos. 
What could I have done, 
to make you stay? 
One more night, 
by my side, 
just like the old times. 

I know I hurt you, 
I know I did. 
Should've said I loved you. 
Should've made you stay. 

I saw you, 
but I couldn't, 
I heard you, 
but I didn't. 

The memories keep me awake, 
day and night. 
And i ask myself, 
again and again, 
could a little love, 
a little something, 
have made you stay? 

Every day I'm haunted by the ghost of my past. 
Regret - unseen but something we have all felt. "Globally present, globally invisible." 


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