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Globally present and globally invisible the lies we tell ourselves daily.

A Mutual Acquaintance

January 27, 2021

PROMPT: The Unseen

I lose myself in his words.

For in his words are a safe place.
A safe, twisted place.

In his words no hopeful dream, can hope to stay
Because there, fear prowls, eager to consume.

Don't believe what he says.
His words are like a broken mirror, 
the most beautiful complexion will always be distorted in it's reflection

No, his words are an enemy to growth
and an antonym to truth.

His words are the lies we allow to take root in our hearts.
The self doubts that chain us to comfort.
The deceptions that distort how we perceive ourselves.

I lose who I am in his words and so do you.



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  • real_Lyra-D

    I love your poem... Awesome!!!!

    3 months ago
  • Alias 3

    @Shivona Thank you for your comment. :) I really appreciate you taking the time to read my poem.
    The mutual acquaintance is the personification of fear which is the character whose words are described in the poem. The idea of the title is that we are all mutually acquainted with fear and the lies that stem from it, even suggesting further that perhaps the lies do not come from us but from another source.

    3 months ago
  • Shivona

    This is so deep and awesome, I love how you've set it out it's wonderfully written, Who/what is this mutual acquaintance??

    3 months ago