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With the humanities ( my food banks ) gone - seagull’s POV

January 20, 2021

PROMPT: Creature View

Sue had been a big fan of fish’n’chips. A great kiwi delight in NZ. She hovered in the air, searching for the familiar smell of fish’n’chip from the cafe on the side on the road. Yet it didn’t come. Sue flapped her wings viciously, and soared towards Mission Bay, where there’s a whole street of restaurants right beside the beach. Laughing, wandering and dining, there had always been a busy place for humans. The ideal Sunday afternoon to most kiwis ( referring to locals in NZ ) has always been a nice chill out on a beach, sitting on the burning sand with the air flowing with the smell of the chirpy chips and fried fish that just came out of the oven, wrapped in news papers. But on this particular Sunday, there’s nothing for Sue. Where have the little kids gone, she wondered, those little kids who always slips bit and pieces of food to us?

Gracefully folding her wings behind her back and gently putting out her claws, Sue landed on a flat orange roof of an Italian restaurant. She gazed at her surroundings and gasped. There’s no sight of those wingless, slow and humble creatures - human. As upset as she is, she had to somehow mange to feed herself. Sue was really fond of humans, for the simple reason that they acted like her personal food bank. Unlimited supplies of food generously flowed out of their picnic baskets and travel-sized fridges. 

Sue made up her mind, and lifted up from the roof. She rode the wind that sent her out to the sea, and suddenly, in a smooth yet sharp motion, darted into the sea. Twisting and tumbling, the fish seemed to know it was going to be the very last moment of its life as it furiously tried to free itself from the seagull’s beak. Which was effortless. Hm, not as good as fried fish in fish’n’chips. She let out a satisfied squeak, but never a pretty lovely meal.


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